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Expectation of Agents During Telephonic Enrollments

Posted by www.psmbrokerage.com Admin on Thu, Apr 13, 2023 @ 04:18 PM

telephonic enrollments

Today, we'll be discussing the expectation of agents during telephonic enrollments. Although what we'll discuss mainly pertains to agents working in call centers, this information is certainly beneficial for all agents if you have a few minutes to spare. Recently, a carrier conducted an audit and found that most agents missed five key elements during telephonic enrollments. It's crucial for agents to be aware of CMS and Carrier expectations when conducting these enrollments, not only to protect the client, but also to safeguard themselves from corrective action.

Summary of Benefits 

First, it's critical that agents review the Summary of Benefits before completing the enrollment process. This document contains important information about the plan and must be completed by agents in accordance with the approved script requirement. Agents must also ensure they accurately answer any additional questions asked by the applicant or their legal representative, and provide accurate information on plan details described in the SOB. This includes details such as benefits, costs, and coverage limitations. By doing so, agents can provide the applicant with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the plan, which ultimately leads to a successful enrollment process.

Required Disclosures

During telephonic enrollments, agents must read all required and relevant disclosures. as outlined in CMS approved scripts, for the specific plan that the applicant is interested in. Agents should collect agreement and understanding from the applicant regarding these disclosures to confirm that everyone is on the same page and that the applicant fully comprehends what they are signing up for. These disclosures may be presented in various formats such as pop-up boxes or required statements and must be presented to the applicant clearly and concisely to ensure transparency and compliance with CMS and Carrier expectations. 

Complete the Application

When completing the caller's application, the agent must ensure they accurately enter the applicant's contact information, payment options, language preference, and alternate format election.

Additionally, the agent must:

•    Provide the name of the plan that the applicant is enrolling in. 
•    Advise the applicant of the plan's effective date. 
•    Confirm with the applicant that they are ready to complete the enrollment process. 

Call Closing

It's important to provide a compliant call closing to wrap up the call. To do so, you must provide the caller with the carrier name and customer service phone number so they know who to contact for support in the future. Additionally, it's important to provide the TTY number for the benefit of those with hearing impairments. Finally, make sure to provide an application confirmation number for the caller's records, so they have a way to reference their enrollment in the future. 

Accessing MARx 

Before accessing MARX, the agent must obtain and document the beneficiary's permission. The agent should explain that they may collect information related to the beneficiary's current enrollment status, dates of Medicare Part A and B entitlement, eligibility information, and incarceration, if applicable. The beneficiary must be informed about the purpose of accessing this system and be given an opportunity to decline or approve the request. Lastly, the agent must document the beneficiary's response for future reference.


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