2025 Medicare Advantage Certifications

To keep things simple, we have organized the certification instructions and requirements for the carriers offered through Precision Senior Marketing.

We recommend getting a head start and being prepared as early as possible for the upcoming enrollment season starting October 15th. Most of our carriers will accept AHIP to cover the core training requirements.

2025 AHIP Medicare Training

AHIP Medicare training is an annual certification program required for agents who wish to sell Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans. The training covers essential Medicare rules, regulations, and compliance standards, ensuring agents are well-prepared to offer accurate and ethical guidance to Medicare beneficiaries.

2025 AHIP Certification will be available June 24th.


2025 AHIP

Carrier Certification Links

Aetna - Certification Details

AnthemCertification Details

Bright HealthCertification Details

CignaCertification Details

CloverCertification Details

Devoted HealthCertification Details

Florida BlueCertification Details

HumanaCertification Details

MolinaCertification Details

Mutual Of OmahaCertification Details

UnitedHealthcareCertification Details

WellCareCertification Details

Zing - Certification Details


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