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A New & Better Way for Medicare Field Agents To Make More Sales

Medicare express

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A New & Better Way for Medicare Field Agents To Make More Sales.

We Filter So You Don’t Have To.
Using our proprietary process, we disqualify 92 out of every 100 people we reach so your time is optimized with high intent people. We connect and set you up with high-quality, high-intent, prequalified sales meetings. Saving you and your team
time and money by streamlining the process and allowing you to expand your book of business.

Meetings Built Around Your Schedule.
Our calendar widget syncs with the agents schedule to automatically provide and organize their sales meetings with new customers. The agents arrive to the meeting knowing what the customer is looking for in their Medicare plan because we share this information with you in our Medicare Express Wizard.

Get Ready To Make The Sale!
With a success rate of 91% of consumers showing up for their sales meetings and
up to 51% converting for our top 35 field agents, your Medicare Agency is bound to grow at scale.

What agents are saying:

"Before I had this sales meeting setting service, it was difficult getting face to
face sales meetings using mailers. The sales meeting setting service sets me
up with high quality sales meetings."  - Jesse L.

"Having a sales meeting setting service will help me reach my production goals a lot easier. From a time spent standpoint, it allows me to reach my sales goals a lot quicker."  - Corey P.

Only A Few Will Qualify, & We Have Limited Availability!
Request a demo with us at medicarexpress.com today. We’ll talk through your goals and show you how the Medicare Express Meetings program works. Quit generating your own prospects once and for all and receive a never-ending supply of highly qualified prospective customers served on a silver platter.

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