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At Precision Senior Marketing we realize the Lead Generation and Client Prospecting techniques our agents employ are as unique as the individuals that use them. Because the "one size fits all" approach does not appeal to many of our agents, we've constructed a lead program that is flexible as it is bountiful.

PSM Top Flight Medicare Lead Program (producing PSM agents):

PSM is proud to be able to help support our directly contracted Medicare agents. For every ten (10) Medicare Supplement* or Medicare Advantage enrollments placed and issued, you will qualify for a complimentary 1,000 piece lead mailer. This offer includes the postage, printing, mailing data and return postage on all submitted business return cards.

PSM Top Flight Lead Incentive

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This offer is valid for EVERY ten (10) Medicare Supplement* or Medicare Advantage enrollments you have issued through Precision Senior Marketing. The qualifying enrollments must be with a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage carrier you hold a direct contract with Precision Senior Marketing at the street agent level.

*Guarantee Issue business is excluded from the incentive

Traditional Lead Generation Programs Available:

  • Direct Mail Incentive.
  • Internet Lead Incentive.
  • Lead Stand Opportunity.

Alternative Client Prospecting Opportunities:

  • Seminar Expense Contributions.
  • Newspaper Advertisement.
  • Preset Appointment Contributions.

Additionally, if you have a proven Lead Generation or Client Prospecting method not mentioned above we would love to hear your ideas.


Lead Generation and Client Prospecting opportunities are for our producing agents and agencies only. Contributions will be based on the amount of production and level of the agent/agency.

PSM Preferred Lead Vendor Partnerships:

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