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Help Your Clients and Close More Sales with Your Family Bank

Close More Sales with Your Family Bank

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Learn how your clients can be debt free in 10 years or less without spending any additional money.


How many people do you know who would love to be debt free? Everybody. But the reality is most will be caught up in an endless cycle of incurring debt and then paying it off with nothing to show for their efforts. The result is they’ll be carrying debt for 30+ years and paying thousands of dollars in interest. Dollars that could be used to fund their retirement.

The “engine” driving the “Your Family Bank” concept is Whole Life Insurance. Whole Life Insurance provides a safe and predictable cash accumulation platform that allows borrowing without actually reducing the cash value in the contract.

By partnering with PSM & YFB,  you will learn:
  • How to eliminate tens of thousands in interest for your clients
  • Create wealth without assuming more risk
  • Increase cash flow by the elimination of debt
  • Reduce taxes by the creation of tax free income

All of this can be accomplished without spending any additional money.

Your Family Bank is transforming agent/client relationships and enabling advisors to sell more life insurance than they ever thought possible. If you’re looking to get in front of more prospects and close more sales… then you don't want to miss this opportunity.

The Your Family Bank concept shows Individuals, Families, and/or Business Owners a way to redirect their current cash flow to pay off all their debts including their mortgage on average in 9 years or less with the consumer debt gone in 2 years or less. In doing so… saving thousands of dollars in interest, freeing up cash flow, reducing taxes, and saving for retirement. How do we accomplish this?... By utilizing the power of continuous, uninterrupted compound interest along with the guarantees of investment grade Whole Life Insurance.