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Cigna: Value-Based Enrollment (VBE) Updates

Posted by www.psmbrokerage.com Admin on Mon, May 15, 2023 @ 11:54 AM

cigna vbe

At Cigna Healthcare, we believe in the primary care provider (PCP) and patient relationship. That’s why our model of care is PCP-focused, regardless of product. We know this model of care drives better health outcomes and increases customer satisfaction.

With that in mind, we are making a change in how our brokers earn payments through our VBE digital application program. This change applies to June 1 effectives and beyond.

Brokers can still earn up to $50 per electronic application (app), but they will need to include a valid in-network PCP and/or the customer’s email address to receive payment. We will no longer pay brokers $20 for the electronic app submission itself. Instead, we are increasing the payments for collecting the valid PCP and email information.

New VBE payment amounts
Applies to June 1 effectives and beyond

Brokers can earn up to $50 per approved digital application for new Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage (MA) customers and voluntary MA customer plan changes.

  • $30 if the digital app includes a valid in-network PCP
  • $20 if the digital app has a valid customer email address

How this benefits the broker

When a broker captures the PCP and email address at the time of enrollment, they give us the information we need to provide better care to the customer.

Better care leads to happier, healthier customers who are more likely to stay with Cigna Healthcare. That means brokers can focus on new customer growth rather than book maintenance.

So, in addition to the immediate monetary reward (i.e., VBE payments), they will also benefit from our higher retention rate and net promoter score (NPS).


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