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2019 Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage and Part D Certification Instructions

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2019 Mutual of Omaha Certification Instructions for Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans

Mutual of Omaha has taken the next step to help you become ‘Ready to Sell’ our new Medicare Advantage (MA) and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) for the 2019 AEP. There are three steps in being ‘Ready to Sell.’

Step 1: Contracting (must include NPN, EFT info, valid e-mail and phone number)
Step 2: AHIP Certification
Step 3: Product Training
Effective August 7, 2018, you can now access our product training for Omaha Health Insurance Company (OHIC) PDP on Sales Professional Access* (SPA)  www.mutualofomaha.com/broker. Product training for Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage Company (MOMAC) MA will be available on August 13.
Accessing Product Training
You must complete the product training for the product(s) you are contracted to sell. The link will only be accessible to agents who have signed and submitted the MOMAC/OHIC contract.
Prescription Drug Plans
On SPA select: Product – Medicare Solutions – Prescription Drug Plans – Under Product Training click on 2019 Product Training. Note: The training link can be accessed when selecting any state except New York.
Medicare Advantage
Medicare Advantage training will be available on August 13.
MA and PDP training is not state specific. Regardless of what state is selected to access the training links, there is only one MA product training module and one PDP training module. The MA product training module applies to both the Cincinnati and San Antonio markets and likewise the PDP product training module applies to all states. 
Allow yourself adequate time to review the materials and complete the test. Once you begin the training you must complete it. You cannot save it and return at a later time to finish. Also if the system is left idle for a period of time it will timeout and that will be considered an attempt.
You have three attempts to complete the training with a passing score of 85%. Once you have successfully passed, your results will be transmitted to our Contracting area. When all three steps above are complete you will be notified you are ‘Ready to Sell.’
As a reminder, if you have not completed the basic AHIP training, you can access the link on same SPA page as our product training. If accessing the AHIP training via our SPA link you can save $50 off the cost. Whether you complete the AHIP training via our site or another site, once you successfully pass you must submit your certification to contractsandappointments@mutualofomaha.com or fax to 402-997-1830.
Note: The AHIP and Product Training can also be accessed on SPA under the Sales Tools tab. Select Medicare Solutions – Product Education and then select appropriate training link.
*You will note a new look to the product pages on SPA. Under the Product tab – Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans are conveniently located under the product title Medicare Solutions. The first time you access these pages you will need to select a state in order to view state specific product information. You can then change the state at any time.
For questions regarding contracting and licensing call 800-867-6873.
For questions regarding product and sales call 800-693-6083.

Certification instructions will be released shortly. Please check back for more details shortly.