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2020 Humana Certification Instructions

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Humana 2020 MAPD & PDP Certification & Recertification are Now Open

Dear Agents,

Considering selling Humana MAPD and PDP products this year? Great! Now, earlier than ever, you can certify or recertify to sell MAPD and PDP products. As of Tuesday June 25th 12:00 PM EST, your Humana certification and recertification options are open!


  • Initial Certification will remain open until next summer.
  • Recertification Deadline: 5:00 PM EST on November 30th, 2019

Not sure which to take? Check out the Certification and Recertification Launch Page.

General Details:
Whether you’re certifying for the first time or recertifying for the 10th, you’ll need to complete two types of content: AHIP and Humana-specific training. AHIP training is required CMS-approved content focused on Medicare basics.  Humana-specific training is composed of topics discussing compliance, Humana products, sales presentations and tools, and overall agent guidance. In addition to passing AHIP’s testing requirements with the first three (3) attempts, you are provided three (3) attempts to pass Humana's final test with a score of 85% or higher. You have 45 minutes to complete each test attempt. 
Note: Spanish versions will be delayed until after the June 25th launch. Look for additional communications on Spanish versions.
Certification-only: Agents who complete the 2020 initial certification are allowed to sell plans with 2019 effective dates through 12/01/2019. Remember, agents cannot sell Humana’s Medicare Advantage or PDP products until they finish certification.

AHIP: AHIP is required for both Certification and Recertification. Agents typically take their AHIP through Humana after they have logged into training from our Humana site. If you go directly to the AHIP site, you must have your AHIP results sent to Humana before you can continue completing your certification or recertification. 

Important: Looking to save money? If you are going directly to the AHIP webpage, and not initially Humana's site, you will be shown the e-commerce site where you are required to pay AHIP for their full registration fee. That rate will not be the Humana discounted rate. To have your AHIP fee discounted or waived, you must go through the Humana MarketPoint University's Certification or Recertification course and click the AHIP link within the course outline.

For those agents required to pay the AHIP registration fee, the discounted charge for the 2020 AHIP training is $125.00 per registration when accessed via the Humana MarketPoint University. The general fee for the 2019 AHIP training is $175.00 per registration. 
We value your partnership and will reimburse your registration fee under the following circumstances:

  • You took the courses through Humana MarketPoint University, AND
  • You have successfully enrolled ten (10) MA OR forty (40) PDP January 1, 2020 effective members – members must be accredited with CMS by March 3, 2020.

There are 5 Medicare AHIP modules.  You will be tested on all 5 modules. You will have 3 attempts to pass the AHIP test with a minimum passing score of 90%. After completing the AHIP testing successfully you will have the option to purchase CE credits.

Important: After completing the AHIP training requirement, click the “send my exam completion to Humana” link at the bottom of your transcripts page.  If you have taken the AHIP training through another carrier, please access the AHIP site again via the Humana Certification or Recertification course to transfer your passing AHIP score to Humana. Once your AHIP score has been received by Humana, you will be able to move forward and complete the Humana portion of the Certification or Recertification course.

Accessing and Transferring AHIP Scores Job Aid

2020 Improvements:

  • Course outlines have been cut in half while maintaining training quality and making it more efficient for you to complete your recertification.
  • An exam quick reference tool has been added making it easier than ever to find the information you need to pass the Humana partition of the test.
  • The time to complete the final exam for Humana-specific material has been extended to 45 minutes.

Helpful Resources:

We know you have choices when it comes to certifying and recertifying. Thank you for choosing Humana. We appreciate you. Don’t hesitate to talk to your recruiter or local support executive if you have any questions along the way!

Good luck this upcoming AEP!
Humana MarketPoint