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2021 Humana MAPD & PDP Certification Instructions

Humana 2021 MAPD & PDP Certification & Recertification Now Available


The initial Certification and Recertification courses will certify agents to sell both MAPD and PDP products. Agents must successfully complete the entirety of the training requirements to be certified in all Humana Medicare Advantage and PDP products.

Looking for PDP-only guidance? New to PY2021, Humana is no longer offering PDP-Only Certification and Recertification. If you were previously certified for PDP-only sales, you will need to take the MAPD/PDP recertification.

Overview of Humana’s Certification or Recertification

The tables below provide the general flow of each training course - outlines may vary

Initial Certification

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: AHIP

Part 3: Sales and Marketing Compliance

Part 4: Humana Products*

Part 5: Sales Presentation and Tools

Part 6: Sales and Marketing Guidance

Part 7: Wrap-up


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: AHIP

Part 3: Sales and Marketing Compliance

Part 4: Sales and Marketing Guidance*

Part 5: Wrap-up

*Contains a link to First Look, Humana’s product information for the next plan year. First Look is released at the end of July. Do not be concerned if First Look is not available when you certify or recertify. You will be sent a link to First Look when it is available.

Note: For partner field agents both certification and recertification contains a link to order marketing materials. Each item in this section needs to be opened –even if you do not order your own marketing material – for the course to mark complete.

Ordering marketing materials is not mandatory.

AHIP’s Basic Medicare and FWA Training

AHIP’s basic Medicare and Fraud Waste and Abuse (FWA) courses are a mandatory part of both certification and recertification. Agents who enroll in their AHIP training through one of Humana’s certification or recertification courses will receive a discount on their AHIP training cost.

AHIP Basic Medicare Training Testing Requirement

Humana requires that agents pass AHIP’s basic Medicare course test within the first 6 test attempts. Any passing test score earned after the first 6 attempts will not be accepted and agents will not be able to continue their training.

NOTE: The initial test registration will allow 3 test attempts. If an additional 3 attempts are needed a second registration purchase is required at the agent’s expense. With the additional 3 attempts, you will be required to start the course over.

CarePlus in Certification

Agents who sell in Florida will complete the CarePlus training within the products part of certification to earn the CarePlus appointment. This training is mandatory for all certifying agents who sell in Florida.

After successfully completing the Humana initial certification course or the recertification course, you will be certified to sell both MAPD and PDP products for the next plan year.