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2025 Humana Medicare Advantage Certification Instructions

Humana Medicare Advantage Certification Instructions

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2025 Certification details will be available soon.

2024 certification details listed below.

To sell Medicare plans, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that every agent completes annual Medicare and product-specific trainings.

You need initial certification if you are new to Humana or Medicare (or both), or you didn’t recertify with Humana last year. Recertification (link this word to the recert page) is required annually if you certified the prior year.

Anyone who has never sold Medicare with Humana—even if you sold Medicare with another carrier—has to complete initial certification. Same goes for agents who have sold Humana Medicare products before but didn’t recertify with Humana the previous year (if that’s you, we’ve missed you).

Those who certified the previous year need to recertify annually.

Before you can sell Humana’s Medicare Advantage and PDP plans, you need to pass two training courses: one focused on the basics of Medicare and the other focused on Humana’s products.

Basically, there’s no deadline for your initial certification. But keep in mind, you can’t sell Humana’s Medicare Advantage or PDP products until you finish certification.

After you’re approved to contract with Humana, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to certify. Certifying through Humana MarketPoint University gets you discounted rates on both AHIP ($125, normally $179) and NAHU ($90, normally $100).

First, choose whether you want to complete your training through AHIP or NAHU. Both cover your required training on Medicare basics, marketing, enrollment and fraud waste and abuse. And both will give you six attempts to pass. If you select to get certified through NAHU, you may want to confirm that the certification will also be accepted by any other carriers you work with.

Next, you’ll complete the Humana-specific part of certification. This course goes over our compliance, products and general guidance. You will complete the content with knowledge checks along the way. At the end, you attest that you understand and will follow all Humana guidance.