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2022 Clover Certification Instructions

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Clover Health: Get Ready-to-Sell Today!

Clover Health’s 2022 Certifications are live! Make sure you finish your 2022 certifications, so you are all set to sell by October.

Clover Health Brokers - 

Complete your 2022 certification today! Complete the certifications as soon as possible to ensure you are fully ready-to-sell (RTS) when the AEP hits. 

To complete your program:

  • Go to Miramar:Agent.com and login (or register if you've never used Miramar)
  • Find your “Clover Health 2022 Certification” program waiting for you on your Dashboard
  • Press Start or Complete the next task in your queue 

Don’t forget to complete your State Certification once your Core Certification is complete. This is the final step!

We understand that agents may have questions, so we’ve provided some helpful tips below to help make the certification process more seamless.

License / Appointment Pending:

  • When you submit your State license in the state product training section, be sure your name is exactly the same on your license as it is in your Miramar profile. Your license is checked by NIPR and could delay the process if there is not an exact match!
  • Remember: state appointment can take 3-5 business days to go through!

Login Trouble:

  • Forget your login information? No problem!
    • Utilize the Miramar User Guide (page 8) to get in your account and continue your certifications

Group Change:

  • I put in a unique code in Miramar and it asks for a “group change” or to “cancel”.
    • We recommend selecting the group change as downline agencies are receiving new codes for 2022! The group change will be approved or denied within 24 business hours.

Google Chrome vs Safari:

  • If you are using an IOS (Apple/Mac) platform, please make sure that you are using Chrome and not When using Safari, agents often encounter pages that do not load or hide some of the page's content.

If you have any other issues with the appointment or contracting process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Broker Support Team at brokers@cloverhealth.com or (855) 979-2236.