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2025 Clover Medicare Advantage Certification Instructions

Clover Medicare Advantage Certification Instructions

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2025 Certification details will be available soon.

2024 certification details listed below.

AEP will be upon us quickly and 2024 contracting & certifications is just around the corner! We have a few reminders as we enter contracting season: 

  1. 2023 Certifications will be turned off next Friday, June 17th
  2. 2024 Certifications will be going live in mid-July
  3. All existing agencies will be required to sign our 2024 Addendum(highlighting 2023 CMS pay rates), which we will be sending out soon.

Our 2024 certification process will stay similar to last year and we will provide a Contracting Packet that outlines the process. All agencies will receive NEW unique 2024 codes in July and your downline agents will use these new codes to certify for 2024. On June 17th, the 2022 codes will no longer function. 

In the meantime - please ensure all of your principals have registered as the principal of their agency in Miramar:Agent. This will be required for 2024 contracting and only takes a minute. Principals can complete this by following these instructions: 

  • Log into your Miramar account and from the Profile screen and click Principal for an agency? on the right of the screen below Login Credentials.
  • You will be prompted to input the Tax ID (FEIN) and NPN for the agency
  • To continue registering as the Principal of an Agency, click Register. To cancel, click Cancel.
  • You will then be prompted to confirm that you would like to register as the Principal of the Agency.
  • To complete your registration as the Principal of an Agency, verify the name of the agency in the box and click Yes.