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2025 Cigna Medicare Advantage Certification Instructions

2025 Certification details will be available soon.

2024 certification details listed below.

Visit Producers' University now to breeze through your 2024 certification requirements. You can also access Producers' University by logging in to CignaforBrokers.

This year, we've made a lot of improvements to our certification including:

  • Reduced number of courses
  • Shorter course length
  • Test-out option

To take advantage of our test-out option:1

  • Go to the test-out track and launch the test-out exam for each course.
  • Pass the exam with a score of 85% and receive a completion automatically for the course!

Other highlights

  • As a returning agent, you are again exempt from completing the Selling with Integrity
  • VBE-HRA training is no longer a separate or standalone course – we have embedded the content as a downloadable PDF in Our Compliance Program.
  • There is no separate PDP certification. The MAPD Products and Benefits Overview qualifies you to sell our Standalone PDP plans, which will be commissionable as of 1/1/2024.

AHIP, Pinpoint, and NABIP (formerly NAHU)

  • You can launch and complete your AHIP certification using this link which automatically transmits your completions to Cigna Healthcare.2 Please note: If you use another carrier's link or portal, you can still click on the link above after completing your AHIP certification, and the completion will transmit directly to Cigna Healthcare.
  • Pinpoint Medicare certification can be launched from your training track.2
  • Agents taking NABIP will need to manually upload their certificates to Producers’ University.3

After logging in to Producers' University, read through our Certification Roadmap to learn more about the certification process.

We value your partnership and look forward to a successful AEP 2024!

  1. Test-out does not apply to certification requirements that are not developed by Cigna Healthcare including AHIP, Pinpoint and NABIP. You will need to adhere to the completion requirements of those providers.
  2. Both AHIP and Pinpoint Medicare certifications can be launched from your certification track in Producers’ University.
  3. If completing NABIP, you will need to visit the NABIP portal to complete their requirements and come back to Producers’ University to upload your certificate.