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Customizable AEP Annual Review Letters - Agent Use

Posted by www.psmbrokerage.com Admin on Wed, Aug 25, 2021 @ 04:25 PM

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Do you want a happy client?

Posted by www.psmbrokerage.com Admin on Thu, Feb 19, 2015 @ 03:01 PM

blog pic Years ago, when I had just launched my speaking career, a friend shared the concept of the sold (and thereafter abused) customer with me. Now, the word abused may be a bit strong, but his point was well taken. For many customers, the pre-purchase experience is vastly superior to the post-purchase experience.

My belief is that customer service starts the moment the customer even thinks about doing business with you. Customer service isn’t just what happens after the sale, it’s also what happens leading up to the sale. And once it starts, it should continue through the entire life of your relationship with the customer.

Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing sales expert Joey Coleman present a speech on the “first 100 days.” This refers to the first 100 days after a customer pays for whatever you sell. The period of time between when the customer decides to buy from you and when he receives your product or service is when he is most likely to question his purchase. During this period, the customer may come to feel abused or neglected.

For example, you may have bought something on a website which took take several days or longer to arrive. Or you may have signed a contract to build a home but been forced to wait months before construction began. Coleman posits that your best opportunity for customer loyalty comes during these first 100 days. Of course, you need to manage the long-term experience, but this initial period is crucial.

The idea of the first 100 days is to create as many touch points as possible, which will enhance the experience for your customer. This is known as proactive customer service and it is the best recipe for customer loyalty.

So take your already-great customer service up a level by adding intentional customer interactions which will confirm in your customer’s mind that she has made the right decision to do business with you.



Source: lifehealthpro.com

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Tags: Customer Retention, Customer Service, Building Client Relationships

The Basics: Converting Referrals to Clients

Posted by Guadalupe Cantu on Fri, Oct 04, 2013 @ 01:57 PM

Medicare Supplements Every business loves to get referrals. Whether they are by word of mouth, email campaigns, an online request form or simply a call, many businesses are unable to convert those referrals to clients despite having an effective marketing plan.

One reason referrals fall through the cracks is because many advisors fail to have a referral process in place. The referral process does not need to be complex. It can be an easy process that requires very little work and effort to keep the documentation flow in check.

Keep in mind, there is a 24 hour window to initiate contact and to increase your chances to convert them into a client; here’s how to get started… Soon after a referral is received make sure it comes in with all the required contact data; such as, name, telephone number, email address, and request information. Once verified; initiate contact through a telephone call or email to set up a time for an appointment or to simply find out what the referrals needs are.

Enter the referral information into a database. This will become very useful to keep track of the referrals relationship with your organization’s business and activities.

If the referral came from a professional acquaintance, send them a thank you gift or a personal note, thanking them for the referral. It’s a good business practice to keep in touch with them and give them updates of the referrals status.

Don’t give up or disregard the referral if your call or email was unsuccessful the first time around. Make follow-up calls, at least twice a week, until contact has been made or until the referral has decided to become a client.

Just remember, the referral process does not have to be complex. It is easy to setup and implement; and has been used by many organizations with success. With a little consistency and patience, any business can benefit by it.

Please give us your feedback!
How does your business referral process fare? Are there areas that may need improvements?


Source: LifeHealthPro

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Keeping in Touch with Your Most Valuable Asset

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, Jul 26, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

Medicare Supplements The most important asset you have as an agent is your existing client base and they are essential to helping you grow your business. By taking the time and effort needed to stay in contact with those clients, your business will grow both by new sales to them through cross-marketing additional products such as Final Expense or Hospital Indemnity, and by their qualified referrals.

Many agents think that keeping in touch with the clients in their database takes too much time, effort and money. However, when you consider the return on your investment the solution is finding ways to communicate that are time-efficient, inexpensive, and effective.

Studies show that in order to keep in front of your clients you need to touch base with them approximately 14 times a year. Luckily, there are many different resources you can use when communicating with your clients. It could be through email, phone calls, snail mail, postcards, birthday and/or holiday cards, or in person meetings. There isn’t necessarily a textbook "best" or most effective way to touch base, but by mixing your communications with a variety of interesting and valuable methods works well.

Though the idea of sending out so many correspondences to each of your clients may sound daunting at first, it’s important to remember that whatever you decide to send doesn’t need to be large or expensive; It only needs to be of value to your clients. Plus, when you keep in contact with your clients a little over once a month you will remain at the forefront of their minds leading to positive reviews and referrals when talking with their friends and family.

Please give us your feedback!
What do you do to stay in front of your clients? Do you find that contacting them at multiple points during the year brings in more referrals?


Source: LifeHealthPro

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The 5 Success Disciplines

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, Aug 31, 2012 @ 01:20 PM

Medicare SupplementsSuccess - the definition is different for everyone. However, the one thing that nearly everyone can agree on is that they want to be successful - whatever their definition. A common trait among all successful people is self-discipline; this allows them to keep the commitments they make to themselves and take action on the things they want to change. Successful people understand that good intentions mean very little in the long run. Actions are what make the difference in creating positive results.

When it comes to sales, there are five ways to take action requiring a thoughtful, disciplined approach.

  1. Prospecting – Immediately your sales results will improve if you apply self-discipline to the process. With disciplined prospecting, salespeople with little to no sales skills can perform as well as those with greater abilities. Through disciplined prospecting you give yourself more opportunity to be successful and those efforts are will generate long-term, positive results.
  2. Nurturing – This opens up the relationships that offer opportunities to attract your ideal clients. When you create value for your prospects, without requesting anything in return, you are nurturing prospects who will turn to you when they need your service. Whether by education, ideas, or solutions to their problems keeping in contact with prospects will pay off in the end.
  3. Following Up – Your prospects are judging you. They notice when you keep your commitments, and they notice when you fail to. Following up is not just hitting “send” on the email you promised; it’s also the discipline of doing high quality work over an extended period of time. When you practice the discipline of follow up you will show your prospects you are someone who can always be counted on.
  4. Improvement – Once you earn a prospect’s business and they become a client you must continue to improve your relationship with them. Improve what you do for your clients every quarter, share with them the value you are creating, and let them know about any changes happening in the future. Keeping in touch with your clients will keep them happy, solve any concerns they might have, and allow you to request referrals to grow your business.
  5. Personal Development – Success means becoming the very best version of you. Continue to educate yourself on your industry and look for new ways to improve your business. Whether it be through trade publications, conversing with colleagues, or product and industry webinars, keep sharpening your saw to improve your skills and stay ahead of your competition.

For more tips on self-discipline and success, please give your PSM marketer a call at 1-800-998-7715.

Medicare Supplements Precision Senior Marketing will be closed Monday, September 3 for the Labor Day holiday. Regular 8am-5pm CDT hours will resume Tuesday, September 4. We wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve your needs.

Please give us your feedback!
How has self-discipline helped your business? What tips for success would you offer others just starting out?

Source: LifeHealthPro

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Tags: Sales Tips, Senior Market Success, Customer Retention, Creating Value, Customer Service, Gerber Life Medicare Supplement

The Attitude for Success in Sales

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, Jul 13, 2012 @ 10:28 AM

Medicare SupplementsEvery once in a while it’s important to evaluate your sales process. What activities during your day may not be setting you up for success? Are you chasing the wrong prospects? Perhaps you’re doing your paperwork during the time you should be contacting potential clients? Or maybe you are using old techniques that are no longer working for you. Taking the time to influence yourself is something rarely done by sales professionals. However, identifying the things that are prohibiting you from obtaining the success you want and eliminating them from your routine will have an immediate positive effect on your sales process.

Tips to influence your sales process in a positive way include:

  • Have a healthy perspective in dealing with resistance and rejection

  • Use strong, truthful self-talk both when things aren’t going well and, more importantly, when they are going as expected

  • Prioritize activities, relationships, and goals

  • Adopt optimism that flows through your day and the people around you

  • Show a great attitude

When you find yourself struggling with keeping a positive attitude in your business, whether you have a sudden influx of "no"s from prospects, or are not meeting the sales goals you hoped for, an onset of negativity can creep in and effect even more of your business. Instead, focus on creating a positive outlook with what Dan Seidman, a U.S. Olympian in basketball calls, the "Heart and Head Check Self-Test." Seidman explains, "our attitude solution is anchored in this concept: Focus on gratitude to improve your attitude. On a piece of paper, create positive responses to your feelings [to the following prompts]."

Sample Head & Heard Self-Test prompts:

  • Your Industry of Foucus

  • Your Business

  • Your Prospects’ Perception

  • Your office

  • Your Job

  • Your Self

For each prompt, write down a positive response and notice how you can find the light at the end of every tunnel. Once you finish, print out your responses and put them by your workspace so you can refer to them with ease. There are two ways to look at everything and when you change your attitude to one of gratitude you will see that your sales and process improve as well.

Please give us your feedback!
What do you in your business to ensure a positive attitude? Have you noticed how your positive attitude attributes to your agency's success? Do you have any tips for those agents who may be feeling more negative about their business?

Source: InsuranceNewsNet

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3 Tips to Increase Your Closing Ratio

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 09:33 AM

Medicare SupplementsAs an agent, your main focus is to educate your clients on the best Medicare Supplement plan to fit their needs and close the sale. Recent studies from CSO Insight’s, "Sales Optimization Management Key Trends" have shown that closing the sale has declined 12% in the last five years. This is mainly from forecasted sales resulting in "no decision," which have increased by 26% in the same time frame. If you find a lot of your prospects leading to "no decision," two questions to ask yourself are "Why are these 'no decisions' increasing?" and "As an agent, what can I do to reverse the trend?"

Here are three strategies to put in place in order to increase your closing rate:

  • Sales target segmentation and qualification process – Spending the time to identify which prospects fit your agency the best will allow you to target that market and work toward catering toward their specific needs. Do you want to work with the aging in 65 market? Or older seniors who are looking to get a lower rate on their Medicare Supplement? Once you determine your agencies "sweet spot," you will be able to categorize your prospects into strong, neutral, or weak sections and focus your time on each one accordingly.

  • Well-defined and documented sales stages – Once you have defined your prospecting stages and customer activity you will reduced the chance of your pipeline becoming deflated. These stages will also help you to see when your prospect goes from suspect to qualified status and reduce your "no decision" buyers. Be sure not to label a prospect qualified before they have identified they have an need and want to evaluate the plan you have proposed.

  • Implement a strict sales pipeline management – Most of the time "no decision" prospects come about when a sales cycle goes past your usual timeline and goes cold. If this happens, you should either restart the sales cycle or call in a loss. By keeping your sales pipeline conservative you will also be keeping it accurate and your numbers strong.

If you find yourself faced with more "no decision" prospects than usual, it might be a good time to reevaluate your sales cycle. Be sure you are focusing on those prospects in your target demographic and determining their interest the first time you speak with them. This way you can cultivate the clients who are interested rather than wasting time ones who are not going to result in a sale. If you would like more tips and strategies with your sales process, give your PSM marketer a call at 1-800-998-7715.

Please give us your feedback!
Have you seen a rise in your prospects leading to "no decision"? What do you do to prevent them? Do you currently have a pipeline management system in process?

Source: LifeHealthPro

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The Art of Selling: Improve Your Closing Ratio

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 @ 09:06 AM

Medicare SupplementsThis is the second in a series of articles which focuses on: Appointment Setting Essentials, An Education Based Sales Presentation & Do the Right Thing - Earning a Customer is More Important than Making a Sale.

  1. Lead Pre Qualification - After receiving a lead or referral, make sure you are gathering all pertinent client information that could influence the sale. Proper lead pre-qualification is commonly overlooked and can have a large impact on your closing ratio. Your time is valuable and should not be wasted with clients that cannot qualify medically or are not in the buying process. We’ve drawn up a Sample Lead Pre-Qualification Form for you to review.

  2. Value Based Selling - If you’re selling strictly on price, you’re inevitably teaching your clients to leave you. In a residual based marketplace, this can be extremely detrimental to your revenue stream. Here are a few things to consider incorporating into your sales philosophy:
    • Educate your client on their options and empower them to make the choice that is best for them. Don’t sell them anything.
    • Let your client know that rates are going to increase annually, especially in the Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage markets, and not to be alarmed when they are notified of a rate adjustment in the future.
    • Be proactive. Call your clients when you get notification of a rate adjustment; don’t wait for them to call you. By proactively calling your clients, you can let them know the rate adjustment was moderate and, based on the current market landscape, they still have one of the best products available in their area.

  3. Earning a Customer is More Important than Making a Sale - Situations will arise, no matter how many carriers you represent, in which the best coverage for your client will be with one of your competitors. In these situations, it is in your best interest to communicate this information to your client and provide them with the contact information to purchase coverage through the other carrier. If you sell the client a policy that’s not in their best interest just for the sake of making a sale, these clients end up being more of a headache than it’s worth. Not to mention they’ll tell everyone they know not to purchase insurance through you. On the other hand, if you do the right thing and help your client get the proper coverage, they’ll happily refer several people to you because of how you conduct your business. Word of mouth can be the best or worst advertisement for an insurance agent. Do a good job and clients will tell 3 of their friends, do a lousy job and they tell at least 10.

Last week’s article covered the Presale Basics: Dressing for Success, Proper Hygiene and Appearance and Punctuality.

Next week’s article will cover Increasing Your Closing Ratio, Cross Marketing Opportunities, How to Obtain Referrals and Technologies to Help Grow Your Business, primarily with CRM and website development.


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"Catch Up, Update, Referral"

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, Dec 09, 2011 @ 08:55 AM

Medicare SupplementsSuccess in selling to seniors is based on relationships, rapport, and trust. Recently a Forester’s research study concluded that there are three things all senior clients want from their relationship with their agent: to understand what they are buying, someone to be in control of their investments and insurance rather than feeling on their own, and frequency of contact. To maintain contact Rick Martin, CSA suggests a technique he calls "Catch Up, Update, and Referral."

  1. Catch Up. Every few months contact your senior clients to catch up and take a personal interest in their grandkids or recent travel. Confirm that they are getting what they need from their insurance product; discuss any difficulties they might have had, and explain how you can solve their issues. Also you should suggest other products they might need such as annuities, final expense, short term care, or long term care policy.

  2. Update. Seniors are interested in the news. With the Presidential election in 2012 political candidates will be talking about strategies to save money, including cuts to social security and Medicare. In these times it’s important to address any worries and fears your clients might have. The more you address their worries and assure them you will keep them up to date with any finalized changes, the more loyal those clients will be to you as their agent.

  3. Referral. A bonus to keeping up with your clients every few months is that you should gain at least two referrals on every call. Explain what you’ve accomplished in the last year and then ask how you are doing so far. When your client answers "great", ask them, "Who do you know who could benefit from my services?" Close to 70% of seniors said their agent relationship was the result of a recommendation from either family or friends.

Catching up with your clients every few months is a great way to take a personal interest in their life, confirm they have the insurance products best suited for them, and request referrals. With satisfied clients staying on the books and multiple referrals a year, you will be able to continue to grow your business in a substantial way.

Please give us your feedback!
Do you use this tactic in gaining referrals? What strategy do you use for referrals?

Source: InsuranceNewsNet

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Understanding the Important Role of Social Media

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, Nov 18, 2011 @ 08:30 AM

Medicare SupplementsIn the past few years it has become more and more evident that the Internet is not a passing fad. It’s no longer a means of achieving more success but of staying in the game. Therefore, your marketing strategy is no longer "should I be marketing on the Internet?" but "how do I effectively market on the Internet?" This can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to online marketing. The most important thing is to realize all of the opportunities and revenue when you expand your business to sell Medicare supplements online.

It’s no surprise that the role social media plays is huge. In fact, social media is the No. 1 activity on the web, and if Facebook alone was a country it would be the third largest nation in the world with more than 800 million active members. There is a whole new realm of success in internet marketing; here are the three most popular social media websites to be using:

  1. Facebook. As I said before, Facebook has the largest reach in social media today. However, it’s important to note that Facebook has a more "relational" sales style than "transactional." Share helpful videos and articles as well as photos from your company events and holiday parties. Steve Savant, author of "How to Become an Internet Sales Superstar" and host of the daily Internet talk show Business Insurance Zone explains, "Facebook is the estrogen zone." His suggestion as you start initially is to request to post photos via a spouse or other family member’s personal page, showing you with clients or at an event. Their friends can comment asking what you do, request a meeting, or offer a referral.

  2. Twitter. Twitter is excellent for getting the word out about your recent YouTube videos, upcoming events, as well as linking to your informational industry articles. With only 140 characters allowed (including spaces and punctuation) it’s important to think of a meaningful message to entice your prospects and clients to click on your link and explore the content further.

  3. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is usually thought of as the “business Facebook” in the social media world. Though it is not as social as its counterparts, their Groups are a great way to network and discuss industry topics with those who can relate. Also, your profile will allow you to connect with past coworkers who might provide referrals and connect with other agents who you want to work with.

To help spread the word, put your social media URLs on your e-mail signature and company stationary. Let your clients know they can find industry news and continuing education about their plans by "Liking" your page or "Following" your Twitter. Also, you should link to these sources on your homepage to further the information prospective clients have access to.

Though breaking into the social media sector may seem overwhelming at first, the referrals and business commissions are worth the extra effort to get involved. If you need any help or have questions, please call you marketer at 1-800-998-7715 for more information.

Please give us your feedback!
Do you use social media in your marketing? How has it helped you in your business? What did you do to get started?

Source: InsuranceNewsNet

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