Sentinel Security Life Annuities

Company Description

For over 70 years, Sentinel Security Life Insurance has provided peace of mind to families across the country. Our wide range of products, including final expense, retirement annuities, medicare supplemental insurance and hospital indemnity insurance help address your family's insurance and financial needs. Beyond assurance our provisions can help support your family during intensely painful times of loss.

Product Description

Sentinel Personal Choice+ Annuity:

As the length of retirement increases, so does the need for a retirement solution that will help you enjoy this time in your life – the Personal Choice Plus+ Annuity gives you the power, options, and benefits you want. Personal Choice Plus+ Annuity offers you four interest crediting methods to choose from, giving you the power to choose how you want your investments to grow.

  • Fixed Interest Rate: Initial rate guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Annual Point to Point: Closest you can get to investing directly in the market without exposure to market losses.
  • Monthly Averaging: Potential to yield higher earnings when there are market increases.
  • Monthly Sum: This option offers the opportunity to earn the highest interest.

Our interest rates for Annual Point to Point, Monthly Averaging, and Monthly Sum are based on the S&P 500®. This is the best way to reap the benefits of the market with no risk.

With flexibility in settlement options and four optional riders, Personal Choice Plus+ Annuity offers you a custom solution to fuel your retirement.

Sentinel Personal Choice Annuity:

If you’re looking for an annuity designed to be flexible to your needs, look no further! Sentinel’s Personal Choice Annuity was created with customization in mind, offering multiple options and features to accomplish your financial goals.

Many similar annuities available on the market require you to take options and benefits that you don’t want or need, which in turn lowers your interest rate. With the Personal Choice Annuity, all of our features, known as riders, are available a la carte, allowing you to only select the features you truly need. This in turns helps you receive the highest return possible from your annuity.

Additional Personal Choice Annuity Features:

  • Available in five, seven, or ten year durations to fit your needs.
  • Six available riders!
    • Required Minimum Distribution.
    • Accumulated Interest Withdrawal.
    • Preferred 10% Free Withdrawal.
    • 72(t) Free Withdrawal.
    • Terminal Illness/Nursing Home Care.
    • Death Benefit Feature.

Sentinel Summit Bonus Index Annuity:

Are you looking to participate in the rise of the market without risking significant losses in the case of a market slump? The Summit Bonus Index was designed with you in mind!

Offering multiple investing strategies based off the S&P 500®, allocate your funds as you see fit with no damage to your principal. Also available is an Income Rider, which provides you with a steady stream of income for life. Offering control, safety, and high growth possibilities, this annuity is perfect to meet your retiring needs!

  • Five indexing options:
    • Fixed Account.
    • Annual Point to Point.
    • Monthly Averaging.
    • Monthly Sum.
    • Daily Averaging.
  • An available Income Rider to provide you with guaranteed income for life.
  • Premium Bonuses immediately deposited into your annuity when your policy is set up.

Your choice, your growth, your future! Summit Bonus Index has a 10-year surrender schedule. Premium bonuses are subject to a vesting schedule. Inclusion of the income rider subject to age restriction.