American Equity Annuities

Company Description

At American Equity, their view culture as the attitude employees bring to work every day their beliefs and thought process when working with our policyholders, distribution partners and each other.


It’s the habit of doing the right things and doing things right. It’s the ideologies and principles we model today and then pass on as our legacy for team members who come after us.


Our culture didn’t happen by chance. It was instituted early in the company’s existence and pillared from our guiding values:

  • Commitment to Service - Our policyholders and distribution partners are why we are here. We do our best every day to provide them with the highest possible level of service.
  • Integrity - Our values of honesty, fairness and truthfulness inform how we interact with our stakeholders.
  • Excellence - Our activities/actions surpass ordinary standards.
  • Safety - Our policyholders have Sleep Insurance® knowing we provide principal protection and guaranteed income they cannot outlive.

We understand that people drive our success. We recognize each person brings a unique set of gifts and talents to the workplace. Working together as a team within a framework of shared values is what makes American Equity an extraordinary place to work.

Annuities - The American Equity Promise:

Securing a financially independent future begins today with sound retirement planning and building a dependable source for lifetime income. As a hard-working individual, you take your finances seriously. You have invested your time and energy in order to create and sustain a quality of life that suits you and your family. Just like you insure your home, health and car, an annuity provides insurance for your nest egg. We strive to provide secure products backed by our company’s financial strength, disciplined investment practices, and award-winning customer service.

Benefits of American Equity Annuities:

  • Guaranteed income
  • Principal protection
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Liquidity
  • May avoid probate  

Product Description

What is a fixed index annuity?

A fixed indexed annuity provides principal protection with the potential of growth based on an external index. Interest earned is also protected from loss due to index fluctuations, leaving your retirement dollars in tact for the future.

What is a traditional fixed annuity?

A traditional fixed annuity protects your nest egg and provides interest accumulation based on a fixed interest rate determined at the beginning of the contract. 

What is an immediate annuity?

An immediate annuity can provide steady income for a specific period of time or lifetime income that begins within 12 months of a signed contract.