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The Way You Win with Referral Programs in 2024

Posted by www.psmbrokerage.com Admin on Tue, Jan 23, 2024 @ 02:46 PM


Creating a referral program that wins more customers requires strategic planning, understanding your audience, and continuous optimization. By implementing these steps, you can develop a program that not only attracts new customers but also strengthens the bond with your existing ones. 

Click below for our Ultimate Referral Tips Checklist to get you laser focused on what works to grow your business.

To truly win big with your referral program, it's essential to have a cohesive marketing strategy in place. Automate key referral behaviors to gain high-value referrals and actually convert them to paying customers.

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Driving superior and sustainable results by building a referral culture

Posted by www.psmbrokerage.com Admin on Thu, Jul 06, 2023 @ 03:28 PM

Gaining Leverage

As a modern sales leader, you focus as much on marketing as you do on sales. You are 
constantly attempting to solve for targeted outreach to attract more talent and net new 
clients to your organization. It’s all about growing your # of stores (advisors/sales reps/
offices) and your productivity/profit per store (production) – at the same time! Not an 
easy task.

In some cases, you depend on a marketing or recruiting department to do it. In other 
cases, it’s totally on you. Either way – you want to feel in control of your destiny and 
influencing others to drive results to hit your goals. More often you feel less control and 
more frustration. This is particularly true in today’s ever changing marketing environment 
where all forms of “stranger marketing” (email, job boards, social media, LinkedIn, etc.) are under attack. These platforms have become very noisy, with lower trust, with more filtering leading to lower conversion and higher cost.

As a result, many leaders and organizations are “going back to the future” by 
recommitting to referrals as the primary way to do business. Referrals to quality recruits 
and referrals to ideal clients. This is worthy and perfectly aligned with consumer interests.

  In fact:
  • Trust in referrals is up: 91% of consumers would refer if asked vs. 83% 5 years ago.
  • It is the #1-way consumers want to learn about you and your services.
  • Consumer preferences, however, have changed to more technology based - #1 
     way is email and #2 is text/SMS.

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ReferMe IQ™ is passionate about helping organizations build high growth referral-based businesses with their ”state of the art” automated referral platform. Peter S. Velardi is an accomplished senior executive and entrepreneur who has impacted thousands of individuals and organizations to build a fast growing referral based business.

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Tags: Referrals, ReferMe IQ

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