Royal Neighbors Term Life Insurance

Company Description

As one of the largest women-led life insurance organizations, Royal Neighbors has been committed to empowering women to achieve financial security since 1895. We are a life insurer with a community focus—providing opportunities for our members to engage, give back, and support the communities where they live.


We offer financial protection solutions for women throughout their lives. Our members receive valuable benefits which currently include scholarships, health and retail discounts, and disaster aid.

Product Description

Term Life insurance is often the first step in protecting your family’s financial well-being. In the event of an untimely death, financial security for your loved ones is important, along with the ability to maintain their standard of living. Generally, Term Life Insurance will provide the highest coverage amount for the lowest premium dollars over a specific period of time, like 15, 20, or 30 years.

Royal Neighbors Term Life Product Highlights

You may want to have Term Life Insurance if any of the following apply to you:

  • Your income helps support your loved ones.
  • Your absence would cause additional expenses to your loved ones, such as child care.
  • You’re paying off a large loan (for example, a mortgage or a private student loan), and would like your loved ones to be able to pay it off if you died.
  • You own a small business and have business debts that would impact someone else if you died.

Why Jet Issue Term with Royal Neighbors:

Get from Point A (no coverage) to Point B (proud owner of Term Life Insurance) as quickly as possible!


Traditionally, buying life insurance meant waiting several weeks or months for your application to be processed. This included a required medical exam. With JETerm, you will know in under an hour if your application is approved. Once approved, your first premium is paid and you have your valuable life insurance coverage.