Gerber Life Guaranteed Issue Final Expense

Company Description

At Gerber Life Insurance, It is our mission to be the brand that parents trust to help them achieve financial security and protection for their families. By providing affordable, industry-leading child life insurance plans in addition to other adult life insurance policies, we strive to give our customers the comfort and peace of mind they deserve.


Today, Gerber Life Insurance is licensed to provide life insurance throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We have more than $45 billion of life insurance in force and help provide financial security through over 3.3 million policies. Gerber Life has insurance products available for people at every age and every stage of life.

Product Description

In today's market, funeral prices can average over $10,000. If the unexpected occurs, your client's family could also be faced with a funeral bill and other expenses than they may find difficult to pay, especially at a time when they are suffering from grief and loss.

With an economical Gerber Life Guarantee Life Insurance policy, your clients will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they've planned ahead to ease the burden of their final expenses.

Gerber Life Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Highlights:

  • If your client is between 50 and 80 years old, they are guaranteed acceptance, regardless of theirhealth history.
  • No medical exams to complete or lengthy health questionnaires to fill out.
  • Applying for Guaranteed Life Insurance is simple.
  • Complete your application online in minutes.
  • Choose the amount of coverage your clients need from $5,000 to $25,000.
  • Your clients policy builds cash value.
  • Cash value is money that Gerber Life sets aside for your future.
  • The longer you own the policy, the more cash value your policy accumulates.

Gerber Life Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Insurance:

What kind of insurance is Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance? Guaranteed Life Insurance from Gerber Life is a whole life insurance policy for adults between 50 and 80 years old.

What coverage amounts does Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance provide? 

Gerber Life provides a wide range of Guaranteed Life Insurance coverage amounts, from $5,000 to $25,000*.

Will premiums ever increase?
No, with Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life Insurance, the amount you pay when coverage begins is the same amount you’ll pay throughout the duration of your policy. The only time your premiums may change is if you decide to increase coverage or the frequency of your payments.

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