Assured Life Medicare Supplement Plans

Company Description

Assured Life Medicare Supplement is provided by Assured Life Association, which was founded with the intent to bring together a community of caring individuals looking for the assurance of life insurance coverage and the opportunity to help others. They are a not-for profit life insurance provider offering Medicare supplements, Annuities and Life Insurance to its customers for more than a century.

Assured Life gives back to its members many advantages including college scholarships, summer camp grants and matching charitable giving, and through discounts on other products and services. Check out their website at for additional member benefit information.

Assured Life Association Medicare Supplement Highlights:

  • Excellent Commissions.
  • Competitive Premiums.
  • 12 Month Advancing with No Interest Charge.
  • Direct Company Contract.
  • Excellent Agent Support.

Product Description

Assured Life Association offers a very competitive Medicare Supplement product that comes with an array of fraternal benefits.


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