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Medicare Advantage and Part D Referral Program

Medicare Advantage and Part D Referral Program

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Do you currently refer your Medicare eligible clients to Medicare.gov? We have a better solution. 

Request information today to learn how you can avoid some of the pitfalls, and get paid for referring your clients.

Medicare Advantage and Part D Referral Program Highlights Include:

  • No Carrier-Specific Contracts Needed
  • No State DOI Appointments Needed
  • No AHIP or Carrier Certifications Needed
  • No Scope of Appointment (SoA) Needed
  • No Product Knowledge Needed – Just Refer It

Getting started is easy!

  • Complete the Referral Agent Agreement with your Marketing Director
  • An initial set of 250 personalized referral cards will be shipped to your business address with your Welcome Letter
  • The cards will have your NPN pre-printed on them with a dedicated toll-free number for your clients to call
  • Just hand out your referral cards to your clients needing PDP or MA enrollment assistance
  • Referral fees will be paid out monthly 90 days after the effective date, this is to account for the MADP and Rapid Disenrollment periods

Learn more about how to become a Referring Agent and start making money today!

For Agent Use Only. Not Intended For Consumers