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Medicare Express Introduces Instant Meetings

Posted by www.psmbrokerage.com Admin on Thu, Mar 21, 2024 @ 10:59 AM

medicare express

Medicare Express is now offering agents a new opportunity called Instant Meetings. They will be billed at $39/meeting. This will ultimately assist in filling any gaps on your calendar and providing the opportunity for Instant Meetings.

Video - https://medicareexpress.com/instant-meetings/

Instant Meetings - A few details:

  • Instant Meeting will allow you to talk to the interested customer immediately with a direct phone transfer. Our qualification process for these consumers are the same as the in person meetings.

  • A phone transfer will be provided upon you having availability today, opting in for the program and accepting the call. You will have the ability to either be funded by your agency and/or purchase on your own.

  • Each phone transfer will have a consumer card that will allow you to see the quiz, mark dispositions and leave notes. The consumer card will not allow you to group messages and we will not be sending a group message with this program. You will have the option to opt in by a toggle switch or button located in your portal.


Learn more about Medicare Express and all the benefits. Details located here.

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