SureBridge Dental Plans

SureBridge strives to provide exceptional network access for our insureds when selecting participating providers and provider specialties. Their PPO Network does not discriminate against any provider who is acting within the scope of his/her license or certification under state law and who is willing to abide by the terms and conditions for participation in the network. Providers are credentialed and recredentialed which includes investigation of malpractice history, verification of education and licensure, and confirmation of adequate malpractice coverage.

To increase provider availability and accessibility, insureds may nominate a nonparticipating provider who will then be contacted with details regarding plan participation. The onboarding process takes between 60-90 days.

SureBridge Dental Plans

Careington Benefit Solutions, a Careington International Company (Careington) administers the dental insurance plans on behalf of SureBridge through their extensive Maximum Care Network. Certain services may include limitations. Benefits may be reduced for non-network providers. Refer to your dental Policy for details, exclusions and limitations.

Network providers are reimbursed according to the agreed upon negotiated rates effective on the date covered expenses are incurred.

If you opt to receive dental services or procedures that are not covered expenses under your dental insurance plan, a network provider dentist may charge his or her usual and customary rate. Prior to providing non-covered dental services, your dentist should provide a treatment plan that includes the estimated cost for each service or procedure. To fully understand the coverage provided under your dental insurance plan, you should read your Policy carefully.

About Surebridge

SureBridge Dental, also known as SureBridge Insurance, is an insurance provider that offers various insurance products, including dental coverage. While specific details about SureBridge Dental's company history are not widely available in public sources, I can provide you with a general overview of the company's profile:

SureBridge is a subsidiary of The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company, which is part of the Global Atlantic Financial Group. Global Atlantic is a prominent financial services organization that offers various insurance and retirement products. SureBridge operates as an insurance agency that markets and sells a range of insurance products, including dental, vision, accident, and other supplemental insurance plans.

Their dental insurance plans typically aim to provide individuals and families with access to affordable dental care and help them manage oral health expenses. These plans often include coverage for preventive care, basic and major dental services, and may allow policyholders to choose their preferred dental care providers.

To obtain precise and up-to-date information about SureBridge Dental's company history and detailed background, I recommend visiting their official website or contacting their customer service directly. They can provide you with comprehensive information about their company's history, mission, and insurance offerings.