Ameritas Dental and Vision Plans

Company Description

Founded in 1887, Ameritas offers a wide range of insurance and financial products, including dental, vision and hearing care insurance.

Product Description

Need a product that can offer your clients coverage for themselves, as well as their spouse, for a LOWER combined monthly premium than most other carriers offer for an individual plan? Get on board with the new Dental and Vision product from Ameritas


Protecting your smile starts with that semi-annual trek to the dentist. But, did you know, you’re protecting your overall health as well? Research shows that your mouth is an important window into your overall health. PrimeStar Individual Dental Insurance can help keep your smile sparkling while protecting your overall wellness, too.

  • Immediate coverage on preventive services, covering two exams and cleanings per year.
  • Freedom to use any dentist with the opportunity to use the Ameritas dental network for greater savings.
  • Optional vision coverage Up to $2,000 calendar year maximum benefit.

Ameritas Dental and Vision Highlights:

  • NO waiting periods on all services
  • Next day coverage Everyday effective dates
  • NO policy fees Same premium for ages 18+
  • Seamless E-Application process
  • NO appointment fees
  • Exciting commissions and advancing for the writing agent

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  • A one-stop-shop for clients to quote and purchase online
  • Opportunity for sales 24/7 Agent is automatically credited on purchases made through their personalized hyperlink

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