MedAmerica Transitions Short Term Care Insurance

MedAmerica Description

MedAmerica Insurance Company has focused exclusively on providing financial solutions for chronic care situations since 1987. They are well known for their hassle-free service, strong financial performance, and commitment to improving aging adult's quality of life. MedAmerica's Transitions Short Term Care Insurance is another great product available from the company.

MedAmerica Transitions Highlights:
  • Easy product design
  • Easy process
  • Easy application - simple Yes/No questions
  • Simple, quick underwriting - much shorter time to decision
  • 9 month advancing available

Product Description

MedAmerica is a subsidiary of a $5 billion not-for-profit health care company located in Rochester, NY. Known for their quality products, excellent service, and strong financial position, MedAmerica is committed to its mission of assuring security and peace of mind through simple, innovative chronic care financing solutions.

MedAmerica Transitions Short Term Care Key Benefits

  • Pays for actual charges up to daily cap (choice of $50 to $300 in $10 increments) and a lifetime pool of money equal to daily benefit x (choice of 100, 200, or 360)
  • Lifetime cap can be restored once if no need for care for 180 days
  • Benefits payable with 2 out of 6 ADL triggers or severe cognitive impairment (no need for 90 day HIPAA trigger) and meets elimination period requirement (choice of 20, 30, or 60 calendar days)
  • Inflation Options: None or 5% simple
  • Other built-in benefits: waiver of premium, 21 day bed reservation, 14 day respite care
  • 10% discount, if married (no need for both spouses to apply)

MedAmerica Transitions MyCare Program

  • Optional program at time of claim; May not be needed if insured has a long term care policy
  • Pays for care advice from a vendor selected by the insured
  • Cost of vendor fees payable out of lifetime maximum pool and limited to 6x the daily maximum
  • Payable when insured meets ADL or cognitive trigger; no need to meet elimination period requirement

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