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2019 WellCare Certification Instructions

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2019 WellCare Certification is now available!

WellCare’s 2019 Annual Certification Training (ACT) has launched!

PLEASE READ: WellCare 2019 Annual Certification Training FAQ

2019 ACT Requirements:

  • Agents will have up to three attempts to pass the mastery exam with a minimum score of 85%.
  • After each failed attempt, there is a lock out period of 24 hours before the exam can be attempted again. 
  • Failure to pass the third attempt will result in a suspended status for 6-months.

2019 AHIP Completion and Submittal Requirements:

  • AHIP has released their 2019 Medicare Advantage and fraud, waste and abuse training on June 18th
  • New agents are required to complete the 2019 AHIP, as part of their training requirement, prior to becoming certified with WellCare.  (WellCare can no longer accept 2018 AHIP for new agents.)  Completion of the 2019 AHIP will enable the agent to market/sell both 2018 and 2019 WellCare products.
  • Transmitting completed AHIP to WellCare is easy.  Simply have the currently certified agents access their AHIP homepage and click Transmit next to WellCare (1099). http://www.ahipmedicaretraining.com/clients/wellcare/1099
  • New agents will need to use the WellCare/AHIP co-branded link above to transmit their completed AHIP to WellCare University. Via the link, they need to login to their AHIP account and complete the steps above. 

Note: WellCare will not reimburse money paid towards training.

**Currently certified agents must transmit 2019 AHIP and complete the 2019 ACT for TeleAgents no later than 9/30/2018 in order to remain certified on 10/1/2018.  Anybody not meeting this requirement will be moved to a suspended pending training status until all training requirements are met.

After all certification requirements are successfully completed, you will receive an email indicating you are certified to market/sell 2019 WellCare products.