Technology for Senior Market Insurance Agents

Website Development

If you are looking for a specialized web development company to build out a comprehensive site for your business, PSM recommends the following companies:


Agency Owl


If you are looking for a do-it-yourself-approach to building your website on a template platform, PSM recommends the following services:


GoDaddy Website Tonight

Search Engine Optimization

These days having a website isn't enough. To have a successful online presence your website must be found through search engines. Here are some resources to get you started:


SEO for Dummies by Peter Kent (book)
Google SEO Info

Quoting Engines

If your goal is to provide your website visitors instant quotes, PSM recommends the following services that can be hosted on your website:


CSG Actuarial

Web Conferencing

If you are looking to reach more people in more places, web conferencing is the one of the most cost effective ways of doing it. PSM recommends the following services:



Business Development

If you are looking for new ways to grow your business, here are some resources PSM recommends:


Reach your goals with this Small Business Marketing Guide
Grow Your Online Medicare Supplement Business
13 Ways to Boost Medicare Supplement Conversion
9 Proven Tactics to Help Your Business Grow

CRM Technology

CRM technology is a vital tool for any organization in our industry. If you are a very cost-sensitive, you will want to check out Sugar CRM. This is open-source software that has three levels of features at different price points.


Sugar CRM


If you are looking for advanced features, high levels of security, and excellent support we recommend Salesforce. There are five different plans, so there is pricing flexibility. User fees are based on a monthly basis, so choose wisely.



File Storage and Sharing

Since many of you travel often, having access to your files from any computer with Internet access is very important. There are two online file storage and sharing services that we recommend: