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Value-Added Benefits-1At PSM, we invest in the success of our agents
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We've set new industry standards by introducing a comprehensive starter package. From cutting-edge technology to lead generation and compliance, we've made substantial investments to empower the agents we partner with.

Total Value = $20k+

Added Benefit Value
Enrollment Platforms - We cover the cost for quoting and enrollment platforms including CSG and SunFire. $3,500
AHIP & Medicare 101 Training - We cover the cost for annual AHIP Medicare training in addition to Medicare 101 training. 5 app minimum. $500
Group Health Insurance - Receive significant discounts on our group health insurance plan for agents. $5,000
E&O Insurance - We cover the cost of E&O for our producing agents up to $500 per year. 5 app minimum. $500
Branding & Design Services - We offer a full service resource to help you stand out from the crowd. $3,000
Legal & Compliance Support - Rely on our robust compliance team for the guidance and the support you need. $3,000
Lead Support based on production - Receive a significant marketing allowance to keep your business growing. $5,000
AEP CO-OP Support - We will help fund your AEP marketing efforts with live transfers or in-person meetings. $3,000
Total $23,500


These initiatives are crafted to assist agents who are prepared to dedicate themselves to success and fully leverage the wide range of benefits that PSM offers its agents.

We take pride in providing our agents with high quality senior insurance products that bring a sense of security and peace of mind to the nation's exploding senior population.

Our experienced insurance marketing team provides our agents with a robust product portfolio, game-changing technology and unrivaled support.



By partnering with PSM as your FMO, we can help streamline your sales process, provide essential support, and enhance your ability to offer clients the best insurance solutions while staying compliant with industry regulations.

We look forward to showing you how we can personalize our services to help grow your business.

Contact us today: (800) 998-7715