Pivot Health Short-Term Medical Insurance

Company Description

At Pivot Health we’re a quickly growing team obsessed with helping you find the right insurance for your needs.

Every month, we help over 100,000 people manage their healthcare expenses. We use data, technology, and customer service to answer your questions and help you make the right decisions.

Our team of insurers, financial experts, and tech geeks work to improve our products and buying experience so you feel confident in your insurance purchase.

Understanding the benefits of Short-Term Health Insurance

Financial Protection

No one wants to carry the financial burden of being uninsured. Short-term health insurance is temporary coverage to help keep you financially protected while giving you access to quality healthcare.


All of our short-term medical plans have low-cost or free telehealth included as a non-insurance benefit. Get affordable access to a doctor 24/7 without ever leaving your home.

Coverage Options

Pick your deductible. Choose between coinsurance or copays for doctor office visits. Use any doctor you want or get a plan with a provider network. More choice means more options.


Enroll for as little as 30 days or up to nearly three years depending on your state.

Fast Coverage

Short-term health insurance is health coverage when you need it most – right now. If you qualify, get enrolled in 5 minutes or less and have coverage the very next day.

Preventative Care

Some short-term health plans have preventive care, including childhood immunizations and preventive cancer screenings. We go beyond just unexpected accidents and illnesses.