Zing Health Medicare Advantage Plans

Who is Zing Health?

Zing Health was founded in 2019 to address inadequacies in the healthcare system by creating collaborative, community-based Medicare Advantage plans.

By extending 21st century health service solutions built around community, Zing Health seeks to drastically improve health outcomes in diverse populations that have been chronically underserved. Given that 80 percent of clinical outcomes are attributable to social determinants of health, Zing Health’s unique approach acknowledges the importance of understanding a patient’s circumstances outside of a clinical setting and offers a strategic, tech-enabled model that can scale to match the size of the problem.

In 2020, Zing Health served Medicare beneficiaries in Cook County, Illinois, and in 2021 expanded to additional counties in Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana. In 2022, Zing Health will begin serving additional counties in Illinois and offering new plan types as well as enhancements to existing plans.

Model of Care:

Zing Health utilizes an innovative, personalized model of care that keeps the member and their primary care provider at the center, while supporting them with a holistic care team that includes nurse care managers, behavioral health clinicians, social workers, and connections to community organizations. Zing accomplishes this while also reducing health care expenses and eliminating financial surprises for its members.

Zing Health’s tight focus allows it to take the time to get to know its members; partner with them to develop comprehensive, customized care plans; connect them with resources relating to social determinants of health; and provide concierge-level customer service.

Zing's Mission

Zing Health has a singular mission: Providing managed care Medicare Advantage plans that address social determinants of health to reduce healthcare disparities among historically underserved populations. Zing’s plans integrate Medicare Parts A and B benefits with Part D prescription drug coverage, along with providing robust extra benefits.