WellCare Medicare Advantage Plans

Company Description

Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., WellCare Health Plans, Inc. (NYSE: WCG) focuses exclusively on providing government-sponsored managed care services, primarily through Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, to families, children, seniors and individuals with complex medical needs. The company served approximately 4.4 million members nationwide as of Dec. 31, 2017.

WellCare's Expertise

WellCare has developed a full complement of expertise in three major areas of government-sponsored health care: Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. Leveraging our expertise is a key part of the value we bring to our members. We are committed to continually improving the quality of care and service we provide to our members, helping them access the right care at the right time in the appropriate setting.

WellCare Medicare Advantage Plan Highlights

WellCare offers plans with more coverage than traditional Medicare, but without the cost of a Medicare Supplement plan. Our plans also include an extensive network of quality health care providers and some of our plans include prescription drug coverage.

Find What Matters to You: Plans, Providers and Medications:

  • $0 or low monthly premiums.
  • Many plans with no deductibles.
  • No or low co-payments for primary care physician (PCP) visits.
  • More benefits than traditional Medicare.
  • Prescription drug coverage with most plans. (Just looking for drug coverage? View our stand-alone prescription drug plans).

Why Sell WellCare Medicare Advantage Plans?

WellCare has been a long standing leader in the Medicare Advantage and Part D markets. With competitive product offerings, progressive technology and an agent friendly culture, WellCare is the product of choice for many agents selling in the senior market. PSM is a national Field Marketing Organization for WellCare and we are proud to represent their distinguished brand to our independent agents. Complete the request form to find out more on how you can represent their products.