Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance

Company Description

Mutual of Omaha has been serving the insurance market for more than forty years. Their Long Term Care product is one of the most renown and financially stable products on the market. Make sure you have this high-demand LTC product in your portfolio.

The Value of Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance

As your clients age, they may need help with things you’ve always been able to do yourself – shopping for groceries, fixing meals, cleaning the house. You may also need help with personal services, like bathing, dressing or taking medications. A long-term care insurance policy is designed to help you pay for these types of services.

Product Description

A MutualCare® insurance policy can help keep your clients connected to the things that are most important. Supplementing their out-of-pocket costs with the benefits of a long-term care insurance policy may allow them to balance the help they receive from family members with professional services, stay at home as long as possible and protect a portion of their retirement nest egg.

Benefits Included:

Home Health Care – Benefits are provided to help you stay at home as long as possible:

  • Personal care services to assist with the activities of daily living.
  • Homemaker services to provide help with grocery shopping, meal preparation housekeeping.
  • Professional services of a registered nurse, home health aide or therapist
  • Adult day care services.

Facility Care – Your policy also covers assisted living and nursing home care.


Care Coordination – You have access to the optional services of a care coordinator. This licensed professional will assess your needs, develop an individualized plan of care and help you arrange for long-term care services. Using a care coordinator may help you get the care you need in your home.


Respite Care – Unpaid caregivers often need a break. So your policy provides short-term relief by including a benefit to hire temporary replacement.


Hospice Care – If you are terminally ill, your policy will pay for hospice care in any setting.


International Benefit – If you’re traveling when the need for care arises, your policy will pay a limited benefit for long-term care services you receive outside the United States, Canada orthe United Kingdom.


Waiver of Premium – This means you don’t have to pay the premium on your policy when you’re receiving covered longterm care services.


Alternate Care – There may be services or treatments that don’t exist today yet may become standard practice in the future. Your policy will pay benefits for this type of alternate care when recommended by your care coordinator.

Optional Benefits:

Inflation Protection – This allows your policy benefits and policy limit to grow by a specified percentage each year.


Shared Care – This allows you to access a portion of the benefits under your partner’s identical policy should you run out of benefits and still need care.


Security Benefit – This pays an additional percentage of the monthly reimbursement benefit you receive, which can be used to help pay for care or living expenses for your uninsured partner.


Reduced Benefit for Home Health Care or Assisted Living Facility – If your primary concern is nursing home care, you can elect reduced benefits for home health care and/or assisted living services.


Waiver of Elimination Period for Home Health Care – This allows you to begin receiving home health care benefits immediately with no elimination period to satisfy.


Return of Premium – This refunds a portion of the premium you paid upon your death, less claims paid by the policy and any inflation increases.


Non-Forfeiture Shortened Benefit Period – If for some reason you stop paying premiums, this allows for your coverage to continue on a reduced basis.