SILAC Annuities

SILAC Insurance Company offers a range of annuity products designed to provide individuals with financial security and planning options for their retirement. Annuities are financial contracts provided by insurance companies, designed to offer a stream of income or a lump-sum payment to the annuitant, often during their retirement years. 

SILAC provides several types of annuities, including fixed annuities, fixed indexed annuities, and immediate annuities. Fixed annuities offer a guaranteed interest rate and predictable income, making them a conservative choice for individuals seeking financial stability. Fixed indexed annuities offer the potential for higher returns linked to the performance of a specific index, such as the S&P 500, while still providing downside protection. Immediate annuities provide an immediate stream of income, often commencing within 30 days of the initial premium payment. These annuity options cater to a variety of financial objectives and risk tolerance levels.

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SILAC's annuities are often used as part of retirement planning strategies. Annuities can offer financial security by providing guaranteed income during retirement years, helping individuals manage longevity risk and maintain their standard of living. The company's annuity products aim to assist individuals in achieving a more comfortable and financially stable retirement by providing options that align with their financial goals.

SILAC typically collaborates with individuals to customize annuity solutions to their unique financial needs. Annuities can be tailored to include various features, such as death benefits for beneficiaries and options for inflation protection. This flexibility allows individuals to select the annuity product that best suits their retirement objectives, offering a degree of personalization in their financial planning.

As with any financial product, individuals considering annuities should conduct thorough research, understand the terms and features, and, in many cases, seek advice from a financial advisor to ensure the product meets their specific financial needs and retirement planning goals. SILAC's diverse annuity offerings are designed to cater to a wide range of financial objectives and risk tolerances, offering individuals the opportunity to align their investments with their retirement aspirations.


Since 1935, SILAC Insurance Company® has been a trusted leader for your savings and retirement needs. Saving for retirement is increasing in importance as we are all living longer. Annuities can help you achieve your goals for retirement savings.

We are here to help you build the future for you and your loved ones.