Forethought Annuities

Company Description

Forethought Annuities, provided by Global Atlantic Financial Group, offers a broad range of retirement, life and reinsurance products designed to help our customers address financial challenges with confidence. A variety of options help Americans customize a strategy to fulfill their protection, accumulation, income, wealth transfer and end-of-life needs.

Product Description

At Global Atlantic, they create annuities that can help your clients accumulate savings, generate income, help meet long-term care expenses, and even leave a legacy. Their products cover the full spectrum, including variable annuities, fixed annuities, fixed index annuities and income annuities. We offer a wide selection of options to help your clients plan up to — and through — retirement.

Forethought Annuity Product Highlights:

  • Generate income in retirement.
  • Create the potential to keep pace with, or outpace, rising expenses.
  • Secure a choice of payout options for income.
  • Access investment options spanning style and risk profiles.
  • Defer income taxes.
  • Cover long term care expenses.
  • Leave a legacy.

Forethought Annuity Product Offerings:

  • Fixed Annuities - Sometimes, you need to protect what you have. Depending on your needs, you may want to avoid risk – more specifically, market risk. A fixed annuity is a more conservative annuity option that may help meet your objectives.
  • Fixed Indexed Annuities - Fixed index annuities are designed for people who want the potential to earn higher interest rates than they would through traditional bank products, but who are uncomfortable with exposure to market volatility.
  • Variable Annuities - While fixed annuities offer the opportunity to accumulate value at a fixed rate of interest, variable annuities offer investment flexibility that might generate higher rates of return, based on the performance of your underlying investments. This means that the income you receive in retirement might rise.

The basic features of variable annuities include tax-deferred growth, choice of professionally managed investments, optional benefits (available at an additional charge), that can help protect your investment from market declines, choice of payout options and a death benefit to help you provide for your beneficiaries.

  • Income Annuities Shifting from planning to actually living in retirement can be complicated. To retire successfully, you need to ensure that you have enough income to replace your paycheck. A single-premium income annuity, also known as an immediate annuity or deferred income annuity, can provide a reliable income stream using a portion of your savings.