Medicare Supplement E-Apps

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Agents around the country are discovering how the electronic application (e-app) process offered by several competitive Medicare Supplement companys, allowing them to take over the game. These agents are selling to millions of seniors across the country right from their offices with nothing but an Internet connected computer, a phone, and a whole lot of charisma and knowledge. If you find you've maxed out in the minor leagues, then you owe it to yourself to sign up for more information on how you can step up to the big leagues.

The E-App saves paper and time allowing for an electronic signature, eliminates the need for paper checks to be mailed in and it is easy to revise the applications - meaning faster processing. You are able to electronically complete, view, and print state filed forms at anytime and submit with either electronic or wet signatures. All Medicare Supplement e-applications offer you a quicker application process and allow you to get paid more quickly on your business.

cigna medicare supplement e-application

Cigna/ARLIC Medicare Supplement E-App

Cigna/ARLIC Medicare Supplement offers an Express App and your entire sale can even take place over the phone, saving you time and money. You don't have to meet with the client, obtain a signature or collect a premium check! By adopting the latest technology, Cigna Supplemental Benefits strives to achieve fast claims processing times. In fact, most of their Medicare Supplement claims are processed automatically within one working day of submission.

combined insurance medicare supplement e-application

Combined Insurance Medicare Supplement E-App

Combined Insurance offers an E-Application available to all licensed agents. With the E-App, agents are able to streamline their business and contact more clients buy selling Med Supp by phone. Contact PSM today to get contracted to sell Combined Insurance Medicare Supplement.

equitable medicare supplement e-application

Equitable Life Medicare Supplement E-App

The Equitable E-Application allows you to prospect from the comfort of your home or office, without the hassle of driving to meet with clients, waiting for clients to arrive, or scheduling meetings. You can fill out the application on line and send it to the client immediately. Once completed, you can immediately send your Equitable Medicare Supplement E-Apps to the Company for processing and approval.

stonebridge medicare supplement e-application

Heartland National Medicare Supplement E-App

The Heartland National E-App streamlines the application process, allowing you to increase your client base without the travel or time associated with meeting them in person. You will be able to reach more people, in a broader area, thus increasing your profits. Contact PSM to get contracted to sell the Heartland National Medicare supplement over the phone.

mutual of omaha medicare supplement e-application

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement E-App

United of Omaha and Mutual of Omaha offer Medicare Supplement e-apps for their products. With the government changing the rules of health care, you are going to find seniors across the country flocking to the stability of Medicare supplements. Position yourself now to take advantage of the expanded market for Medicare supplements by setting up Mutual's Medicare Supplement Sales E-App Software. You can save paper and time using the electronic signature, eliminate paper checks being mailed in, you can easily revise the apps, and much more. All this means faster processing for everyone involved.

sentinel medicare supplement e-application

Sentinel Life Medicare Supplement E-App

The Sentinel Life E-App is available through your Agent Portal to allow you to easily complete your applications electronically, save you time, reduce paper, and boost your sales. Video tours are available to efficiently explain the process and get you started. Contact PSM to increase your sales with the Sentinel Life E-App.

unitedhealthcare medicare supplement e-application

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement E-App

The online enrollment tool for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans is now available. Whether you sell Medicare supplements over the phone or in person, the UnitedHealthcare E-App will make the process easier and more efficient all while allowing you to receive your commissions more quickly. Contact PSM for more information on contracting with UnitedHealthcare.

stonebridge medicare supplement e-application

Baltimore Life Final Expense E-App

Baltimore Life offers an E-App for their Final Expense product called INSpeed. This is a paperless application system that allows agents to enroll applicants via their call center.

Foresters final expense e-pp

Foresters Final Expense E-App

The Foresters Final Expense e-app brings the benefits of electronic applications to final expense. Foresters offers telephone interviews 7-days-a-week and real-time plan qualification decisions for its PlanRight product. Training is also available to get you up and running with the final expense e-app process in no time. Contact PSM to increase your sales today with Foresters Voice Signature.

mutual of omaha term life e-application

Mutual of Omaha Term Life E-App

The Mutual of Omaha companies offers the iGO e-app to sell term life insurance. This intelligent electronic application process from iPipeline ensures your sales experience is fast and smooth. With iGO you can electronically complete, view, and print state filed forms at anytime, and sign and submit either electronic or wet signatures. Best of all is that it accelerates underwriting and policy issuance, which means you get your payment faster.