Medicare Supplement Phone Sales Opportunity

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Unlike any other market in this day and age, the T-65 market supplies 10,000+ new prospects per day. Now, you can leverage the power of technology to sell Medicare Supplement insurance throughout the country from virtually Anywhere. Gone are the days of papers, pens and waiting an eternity to get a customer processed - Start realizing new markets, more customers and ultimately bigger profits.

Our expert team of marketers can cover all the elements of selling Medicare Supplements over the phone, from pre-call preparation to sales script tips and ultimately help you:

  • Speed up enrollment
  • Reach more clients without ever leaving the office
  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and mailing costs

Why Sell Medicare Supplements online?

As the Baby Boomer generation newly becomes eligible to receive Medicare benefits, a new type of senior is emerging. Seniors today are familiar with the internet and filling out forms; thus, e-applications are an ideal solution. With e-applications, you now have the ability to reach a larger audience by selling Medicare Supplements over the phone and filling out the form online with the customer's information. The process is very quick and paperless.

Selling Med Supps by phone helps speed up enrollment, expands your ability to reach more clients without leaving your office and eliminates unnecessary paperwork and mailing costs. With excellent commissions, company direct contracts and agent training and support, selling Med Supps by phone is a way to boost your income without taking the time to travel to meet clients face-to-face.

For more tips on how to sell over the phone, check out this infographic from The Gap Partnership:.