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Mspark Solutions Direct Mail Services for Insurance Professionals

mspark* Direct Mail Services for Insurance Professionals

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Make Shared Direct Mail a Key Component in Your Marketing Strategy

SOLUTION #1: Targeted Leads
The number 1 product used by Mspark insurance clients. Available in 9 sizes to meet your needs and budget, their Targeted Inserts allow you to target the consumers most likely to do business with you all the way down to the carrier route level.

SOLUTION #2: Quick Response
Quick Response postcards are our fast and flexible product solutions that allow you to be the first to connect with consumers during major purchasing decisions.

SOLUTION #3: Impact Postcard
Stand-alone, high visibility, blunt competitors, personalization/ variable messaging to current and potential customers (loyalty, retention, referral)

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Engagement with the mailbox is at an all-time high. Let Mspark show you how the power of direct mail can help you achieve your marketing goals.

About Mspark

Since 1988, Mspark’s comprehensive data-driven insights on consumer behavior have helped our clients access and activate the target audiences they want to reach. We take pride in being a trusted advertising partner to more than 3,000 clients, driving cost-effective, measurable results through national reach (116+ million households), precision targeting, and integrated campaigns.


As a reminder, we have a minimum print of 15,000 households per order. 

Listed below are a couple sample pricing options:

Pricing Examples:

  • Standard Sheet 4-color gloss 8.5 x 11 - $59/m
  • Standard Sheet w/75# hi-bulk cardstock and perf 5.5 x 11 - $97/m
  • Impact Post Card 8.5 x 5 Fixed Message - $186/m

All pricing is based on mailing full zip codes based on agents’ target marketing areas.

PSM Contact

Tim Walker
Director, National Sales