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Grow Your Sales With Hospital Indemnity Plans

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Double your sales with Hospital Indemnity!

The explosive growth of Medicare Advantage Plans has created a huge hole in the marketplace, and a huge opportunity for agents. As of 2017 more than 33% of seniors are enrolled in MA plans, and their average max out-of-pocket (MOOP) has risen to over $5200 annually.

With a Hospital Indemnity plan you can help your clients bridge the gaps left open by Medicare Advantage Plans. A Hospital Indemnity plan will provide a direct cash benefit to your client that can be used to offset costly hospital co-payments, protecting their savings and income.

Additionally, Hospital Indemnity products can be sold year-round, and pay excellent commissions, giving you the opportunity at an additional revenue stream to grow your business.

Request details today and one of our experienced marketers will share the market’s product options, best practices, and the most effective way to incorporate Hospital Indemnity plans into your MA presentations.