As you know, CMS has introduced a new design for Medicare Plan Finder for this year's open enrollment to make it easier for people to learn about and select the plan options that best meet their needs.  CMS has now added Part C and D Star Ratings information to the new tool.  Medicare Plan Finder continues to display overall ratings, Part C and D summary ratings, domain ratings and measure-level ratings.  The high-performing icon and low-performing icon plans continue to be highlighted.  A user can find the Star Ratings information under Plan Details. The new design is focused on facilitating access to the most frequently used features and data, so drill-downs to certain information, such as numeric measure scores and reasons for members choosing to leave a plan, are not included in the Medicare Plan Finder.

In addition, an option to sort PDPs and Medicare Advantage plans by "Total Cost" (lowest estimated retail drug cost + premiums) is now available on the Medicare Plan Finder. We have also implemented several updates and corrections to improve other issues, including drug pricing information, identified by users.

You can find more information about these updates on the Top Plan Finder Q & As at

The Medicare Plan Finder on helps people with Medicare compare and choose coverage options, including Medicare health and drug plans.

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