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Fed Ups 2020 Medicare Advantage Payments 2.53%

Posted by www.psmbrokerage.com Admin on Wed, Apr 03, 2019 @ 10:55 AM

Fed Ups 2020 Med Adv Payments 2.53

By Carlone Humer – Reuters – April 2, 2019

The government increased by 2.53% the average 2020 payments to health insurers that manage Medicare Advantage insurance plans. The rate represents an increase over the 1.59% increase proposed by the CMS in February. The 2020 rate reflects a decline in payments of 3.08% related to the ACA requirement that M/A and fee-for-service Medicare have the same payment structure.

Starting in 2020, M/A plans will also be able to offer supplemental non-health related benefits to chronically ill enrollees that address their social needs, such as adding ramps and widening doorways. Previously, plans were allowed to offer only health related benefits. A copy of the 2020 M/A and Part D program summary is available here.

CMS Grid

For the CMS press release, view here

Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-healthcare-medicare/us-government-boosts-2020-medicare-payments-to-insurers-by-253-percent-idUSKCN1RD37K

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