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Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Posted by Nicole Andreas on Thu, Nov 20, 2008 @ 05:13 PM


Increase Your SalesAs we continue to experience a weak economy, many of us continue to wonder what 2009 will look like in terms of sales revenue.  However, we need to stay focused and start thinking about how we can thrive and survive in a difficult market.  Here are five techniques that can be used to increase your yearly sales and set a positive tone for 2009:


  1. Suggest new products to current clients.  Products that are relevant to new market conditions and new personal circumstances should be offered to current clients.  Reconnecting with clients can also build strong rapport, and in turn can lead to referrals.

  2. Deepen client-agent relationships by holding a focus group.  Invite a group of select clients to an informal meeting, and gain first-hand suggestions on how you can better serve them.

  3. Join online professional networks to increase your daily contacts.  Build and expand your contact network and increase your sales opportunities through online networks such as LinkedIn where you can re-connect with old contacts and join industry related groups to make new contacts.

  4. Utilize your personal strengths to help promote your industry, skill, and services.  If you enjoy public speaking, use your skills to promote yourself at public engagements or host an informational seminar.  Agents that enjoy writing should look into contributing to an article or industry blog.

  5. Increase your referrals by nuturing existing professional contacts and developing new beneficial relationships.  Your referrals can increase tenfold if you know the right people in the right profession, especially if their expertise overlaps with or complements yours.

Tags: Sales Tips, Referrals, Building Client Relationships, Professional Networking

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