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The narrowing of Medicare Advantage plans

Posted by Guadalupe Cantu on Fri, Sep 27, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

Medicare Supplements It’s no big secret that the government was looking for a way to pave the way for an entirely new health reform. A cost control measure, which would save over $132 billion within a 10 year span. The government found it through the budget cuts changes they made to Medicare Advantage.

In 2014, the Medicare Advantage plans available will decrease from to 2,664 plans in 2013 to 2,522,, a difference 5.3 percent, according to Avalere Health analyst.

Further driving the decline of Medicare Advantage plans is the Affordable Care Act payment cuts. Beginning 2014, Medicare Advantage plans are required by law, to lower cost and use 85 percent of their revenue on medical care and quality improvement efforts. Any Medicare Advantage participants who fail to meet the requirements will be prohibited from accepting new enrollees, and their plans will be terminated after five years of non compliance. Not all news is bad for Medicare Advantage plans. Quality bonus programs have been developed to reward plans that are higher in quality and more efficient than their counterparts, reports Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

According to Peter Kongstvedt, MD, a noted insurance industry consultant and a member of MANAGED CARE’s editorial advisory board, the Medicare Advantage HMOs will do well because their rates are often below the fee-for-service equivalents and they have a track record of doing well in the past. He also believes Medicare Advantage PPOs will fare well.

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What does this all mean to the seniors? Under the Affordable Care Act, everyone has the right to health insurance. Do you believe “the law” will help decrease rates?


Source: LifeHealthPro & Managed Care Magazine

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