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The Attitude for Success in Sales

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, Jul 13, 2012 @ 10:28 AM

Medicare SupplementsEvery once in a while it’s important to evaluate your sales process. What activities during your day may not be setting you up for success? Are you chasing the wrong prospects? Perhaps you’re doing your paperwork during the time you should be contacting potential clients? Or maybe you are using old techniques that are no longer working for you. Taking the time to influence yourself is something rarely done by sales professionals. However, identifying the things that are prohibiting you from obtaining the success you want and eliminating them from your routine will have an immediate positive effect on your sales process.

Tips to influence your sales process in a positive way include:

  • Have a healthy perspective in dealing with resistance and rejection

  • Use strong, truthful self-talk both when things aren’t going well and, more importantly, when they are going as expected

  • Prioritize activities, relationships, and goals

  • Adopt optimism that flows through your day and the people around you

  • Show a great attitude

When you find yourself struggling with keeping a positive attitude in your business, whether you have a sudden influx of "no"s from prospects, or are not meeting the sales goals you hoped for, an onset of negativity can creep in and effect even more of your business. Instead, focus on creating a positive outlook with what Dan Seidman, a U.S. Olympian in basketball calls, the "Heart and Head Check Self-Test." Seidman explains, "our attitude solution is anchored in this concept: Focus on gratitude to improve your attitude. On a piece of paper, create positive responses to your feelings [to the following prompts]."

Sample Head & Heard Self-Test prompts:

  • Your Industry of Foucus

  • Your Business

  • Your Prospects’ Perception

  • Your office

  • Your Job

  • Your Self

For each prompt, write down a positive response and notice how you can find the light at the end of every tunnel. Once you finish, print out your responses and put them by your workspace so you can refer to them with ease. There are two ways to look at everything and when you change your attitude to one of gratitude you will see that your sales and process improve as well.

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What do you in your business to ensure a positive attitude? Have you noticed how your positive attitude attributes to your agency's success? Do you have any tips for those agents who may be feeling more negative about their business?

Source: InsuranceNewsNet

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