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Medicare Mailers - Targeting Turning 65 Prospects

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, Mar 30, 2012 @ 12:09 PM

Medicare SupplementsA recent study conducted by Kramer Direct analyzed 53 mailings received by a senior up to eight months before his 65th birthday. They looked at the timing, format, and offers that were sent to him in order to increase the effectiveness of your promotions, communications and strategies with the market aging into Medicare.

The companies who sent information and were included in the study were AARP, Aetna, Bankers Life & Casualty, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Bravo, Colonial Penn, Humana, Physicians Mutual, United HealthCare, United of Omaha and Health Spring.

Eight-eight percent of the mailers were received between July and December, but the subject got a mailer as early as March. Envelope mailers were the overwhelming majority at 66%; postcards were used 30%; and tri-folds were used significantly less at only 4%. Most of the mailings proposed an offer to grab the prospects attention, with 45% of the mailers promising information or posing a question of interest to the senior.

The study concluded the following:

  • To stand out from the competition and reach prospects before the other offers, it is best to mail six months in advance of prospect’s birthday.

  • It is best to provide a mail-back option, rather than a single postcard with only a call-back option.

  • Questions and new information are the best way to get the prospect’s attention based on the results of the study.

  • Don’t just consider targeting the Turning 65 audience. Many agents have had success targeting ages 66+ to help prospects save money on their current coverage.

Since 1985, Kramer has provided pre-qualified leads to the insurance and financial industries. You can review more on Kramer Direct as well as view some of their current approved mailers by visiting the lead vendor page on our website.

PSM also works with numerous companies that offer free postcards to our contracted agents. To discuss these no cost options, please contact one of our Marketing Representatives at 800-998-7715.

Please give us your feedback!
Do you find these results surprising? When do you typically send out mailers to turning 65 prospects?

Source: Kramer Direct Research and Analysis Study

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