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Tips for Prospecting While on Vacation

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, Jul 15, 2011 @ 09:23 AM

Medicare SupplementsIt's the first night of the five-day cruise you've been looking forward to for months. You sit at your dinner table and meet the people you are going to dine with for the next week. After getting to know them, you find out that one couple is retired and about to turn 65. A light bulb goes on in your brain. When they ask what you do you causally say "I am a senior insurance agent." The couple lives in a whole new area, most likely has several referrals, and you have wanted to expand your business to prospect over the phone. You then start to decide how to ask them about their health insurance coverage. This opportunity, just like meeting people on planes or hotel resorts, is an excellent way to casually prospect. As we sit in the middle of summer, many agents are taking their summer vacations for some rest and relaxation; and, as InsuranceNewsNet notes, "many [agents] have a dominant selling gene that drives them to see every situation as an opportunity."

Here are some tips to handle selling while on vacation:

  • Be "Them"-Centered
    When starting to prospect in a casual vacation environment it's important to ask a lot of questions and let the prospect lead the conversation. They may have questions or concerns, which you can touch on, and then give them your business card and website address for additional information. Michael Wall, president of Wall Financial group advises, "People have their guard down and you are having a conversation. You don't know where it will lead, but you also don't need to write an app."

  • Have a Door-Opener
    One suggestion is to wear a shirt with your company name that sparks an interest from other people. When they ask about it, you can explain what it means and who you are, and continue the conversation from there. If the conversation is positive, give them a business card and tell them to visit your website. You will be amazed how your brand will resonate with them later on.

  • Let Them Pursue It
    It's not necessary to pursue business while on vacation, but sometimes an occasion comes up that is worth looking into. The "who are you and what do you do" questions happen everywhere you meet people, so it's important to respond proactively and be open to business, since you never know who could be a great prospect. Chris Bradley, a senior life specialist says, "I definitely have balance, I work hard and I play hard. And I don't push."

  • Remember not to go too far
    Obviously, you don't want to be the guy at the party everyone tries to get away from. Keep the conversation open and only answer the questions they ask without, as Bradley puts it "shoving the products down their throats." Vacation is not the time to pressure prospects; instead it is a great time to open your business to new areas and people who presumably have more referrals.

Be approachable, friendly, and helpful if you decide to prospect while you are on vacation. Steve Kloyda recommends, "You should give a little information, and then arrange to talk later."

Please give us your feedback!
Do you prospect while on vacation? Or do you prefer to separate your work? If you have prospected while on vacation, how did it go? Have you expanded your business as a result?

Source: InsuranceNewsNet

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