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Recognizing Referral Action Triggers

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, May 27, 2011 @ 09:08 AM

Medicare SupplementsBill Cates, Referral Coach and author of Get More Referral Now! and Don't Keep Me a Secret! offers advice for agents struggling to get more referrals in this tough economy. In the Agent Sales Journal Cates explains wishing and hoping for referrals will not bring them in. You have to be proactive! He affirms that all agents have many prospects right under their nose. The trick is learning how to identify them and ask the right questions. He refers to these as "referral action triggers".

A great opportunity to proactively seek referrals is when your clients express the value in your work through positive affirmations. They may compliment you for how helpful your knowledge and service have been versus other agents they’ve spoken with, or they may acknowledge their general peace of mind after meeting with you and discussing their options. Once you have started to recognize these statements, brainstorm on how to transition those positive reinforcements into a request for referrals.

Another method is to start a discussion about the value of your service with your client. Cates believes it is very important to check in with your prospects and clients to make sure that they recognize the value you deliver and to reinforce that the relationship is continuing to do well. It is important to ask your clients questions regarding your service. Good questions to ask may include: What is the most important thing we have spoken about? What made you decide to buy from me? What is the value most from this process? When planning ahead for your meeting you should always include what Cates refers to as a "value discussion". Once you have established they have learned something and value you as their agent you will be able to segue into asking about friends and family who may also benefit from your services.

Referrals are an essential way to create more sales opportunities without adding more hours to your work schedule. Make sure you are able to identify referral action triggers in order to capitalize on the greater opportunities for growth in your business.

Do you have any tips for those struggling with referrals? Are there any other "referral action triggers" you recommend?

Source: Agent Sales Journal

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