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Health Care Law Continued Disputes

Posted by Lauren Hidalgo on Fri, Jan 21, 2011 @ 11:32 AM

Medicare SupplementsThe healthcare dispute restarted this week in Congress with a two day debate. Two minute speeches by both Republicans and Democrats were given, explaining where they and their party stand with the Health Care Law and the repercussions such law could have on the physicians, patients, and the American deficit. Republicans argue it will eliminate 1.6 million jobs and Democrats say it will create jobs. However, both are correct possibilities, some jobs might be eliminated by employers fearing high insurance costs; at the same time, other people will be hired to run the new health care programs. Another dispute is the national debt, which Republicans argue will create more national debt and the Democrats say the health care laws will reduce the deficit by $230 billion in the next 10 years. With the deficit, the truth lies in whether Congress can control Medicare and Medicaid spending, which could lead to lower physician payments and healthcare provider restrictions. The Republican’s strongest argument is that by insuring those who are currently uninsured will be too costly for some small businesses and taxpayers; whereas, the Democrat’s strongest argument is consumer protections, like keeping children on their parent’s insurance until they are 26.

On Wednesday the House voted to repeal the Democrats’ health care overhaul. The Senate has reported they will not act on the repeal, effectively destroying it. In the meantime, House Republicans are working on a “repeal and replace” strategy to control health care costs and expand coverage.

What do you think are the strongest arguments for or against the Health Care Law? When do you think House and Congress will come to a consensus?

Brian Tracy’s Laws of Sales Success

Brian Tracy, author of Psychology of Selling, which has become a bestselling audio program on sales, was interviewed by Paul Feldman for the January 2011 issue of InsuranceNewsNet. In the interview Brian Tracy shares his how-to’s of improving your business and your life. Tracy first states that time management separates winners in the sales market from losers. When you get more done, make more calls, and close more business you are deliberately managing your time. His tips are to plan your day in advance, prioritize your list, choose the most important task, and start the most important task and work until it is complete. This will give you a sense of personal accomplishment, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Brian Tracy also explains his Law of Sales, stating that nothing happens in sales until the sale takes place. He encourages people in sales to manage the sequence of events and use the law of three. There are three things you do every day, no matter what your job is, that counts for 90% of your income. The key is to determine your three. He suggests making a list of everything you do in your day and then asking yourself if you could only do one thing on your list, which would contribute most to your income. Then complete the process twice more with the same question. He then explains that the most important tasks should be one key task and two support tasks, prospecting, presenting, and closing. Once you get good at those three you will be headed to success.

According to Brian Tracy, reverse engineering by starting with the end in mind and figuring out who is the ideal client, niche audience, and then focusing on learning about them is another key to sales. As is the art of closing and identifying the pain the person has and the benefit of your product. Tracy says to give examples of people's success from you and how it benefited them; or, give examples of someone who didn't and what happened to them. He states that either a positive or negative story works. This personalizes the experience and makes clients more interested in purchasing from you.

Lastly, Brian Tracy suggests you never stop studying and says two hours a day is best. He compares sales to an athlete. If an athlete decides to not work out, how long would they continue to be competitive? Additionally, if they lose a year of working out and then go back, they are years behind their competitors. People in sales need to continue to work out your mind in order to stay ahead of their competition.

Have you heard of Brian Tracy? Have you ever attended one of his seminars or read any of his books?

Woodmen of the World Released in Colorado

Effective January 19, 2011 please see the new release notification, rates, and application for Colorado.

Mutual of Omaha 2012 Convention Information

Mutual of Omaha 2012 Convention Information

Details released for the Mutual of Omaha 2012 convention in Laguna Beach, CA based on the business you place with Mutual of Omaha as a Broker Producer (personal production only) between January 1 and December 31 2011. See the Mutual of Omaha2012 convention website for more information.


Sources: KHN, LA Times, NY Times, InsuranceNewsNet

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