2020 AHIP and Carrier Certifications: Tips and Reminders

Prepare. 2020 AHIP and Carrier Certifications take time and brain power. It's a good idea to set aside a sufficient amount of time and energy to thoroughly comprehend and complete the required training.

Pace yourself. Rushing though certifications can greatly hinder you from learning essential information. It can also decrease the likeliness of passing the course. Taking small breaks between sections is an effective way to pace yourself throughout the training.

Pay attention. There are oftentimes important updates within the certification training. It is imperative that agents grasp the information being shared. These certifications also serve as excellent refreshers. Take advantage of the materials provided and challenge yourself to learn the information rather than simply pass the tests. 

Don't procrastinate! These certifications are not only helpful to you as an agent, but most are required for agents to complete in order to sell the products. The longer you wait, the more opportunities you'll miss out on.

Remember! Do not write any new business until you receive the carrier's "Ready to Sell" notification.

For more information regarding AHIP's Medicare Course, and a discount for the AHIP certification,visit our AHIP Information page