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2018 WellCare Certification Instructions

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2018 WellCare Certification is now open

Important Change! Transmitting AHIP to WellCare University

There have been changes to the AHIP website. Due to these changes, the process of transmitting notification of AHIP completion to WellCare has also changed. Effective immediately, please use the link below to successfully transmit your completed AHIP to WellCare.


Keep in mind WellCare offers a $50 cost coverage through the co-branded link for the AHIP training requirement. Note: WellCare will not reimburse money paid towards training.

Please follow the steps outlined below to successfully transmit your completed AHIP to WellCare.

  1. Login to AHIP using the WellCare/AHIP co-branded link
  2. Access your profile
  3. Once in your profile, add either your National Producer Number (NPN) or WellCare University (LMS) ID to provide recognition for a successful transfer to WellCare. Your LMS ID is the username you use to login to WellCare University, and is typically the first initial of your first name, your last name and the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).

Example: JDoe0000 for John Doe ***-**-0000.

Please note if you have completed AHIP via a different link, you must login again via the co-branded link and update your AHIP profile to include either your National Producer Number (NPN) or your WellCare University (LMS) ID.

2018 Annual Certification Training (ACT) FAQ

As previously communicated, 2018 ACT will be launched on Tuesday, 8/15, please reference the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide for detailed information on:

  • Accessing training
  • Navigating technical issues
  • Completing AHIP
  • Managing transcript issues
  • Taking the mastery exam

Please note the FAQ guide is now available on the Secured Producer Portal.

Accessing Annual Certification Training (ACT)

Once ACT is released you will receive a welcome email from producerservices@wellcare.com that will notify you the training is available; the email subject line will read as follows:

1099 – 2018 Annual Certification Training has been assigned

Please allow time for the training to show in your WellCare University transcript. All producers will receive the training by 5pm EST on 8/15.

In addition, please ensure the steps to accessing ACT in the welcome email are followed:

Steps to Access ACT in WellCare University:

  1. Go to www.wellcareuniversity.com
  2. Enter the username indicated within your welcome email. - First time users: initial password will be Master1 and will prompt users to create a permanent password. - Returning users: utilize the password you have previously created for WellCare U
  3. Once logged in, hover over the Learning tab at the top and click View your Transcript
  4. Select Active from the first drop down menu, and find the course. Please note all ACT courses will be displayed on your active transcript
  5. Click the Launch button to the right of the course, and once the course is completed it will move to your completed transcripts under Complete within the first drop down menu. Please note the curriculum consists of several courses listed on the welcome email and a mastery exam.

ACT System Requirements

Remember, device settings on your computer must be properly set up in order to successfully complete ACT. Please keep the following tips in mind prior to accessing ACT:

  1. Use Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari 3, Opera 1 and above or Google Chrome
  2. Clear your browser search history
  3. Disable pop-up blockers Please download Clearing Browser History Guide and Disabling Pop-Up Blockers Guide for further technical support on device settings.