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2018 Humana Certification Instructions

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2018 MAPD Certification is Now Open

Certification job aids

Click on the links for instructions on how to access these courses:

Website Link: https://www.humana.com/logon

Humana’s 2018 initial MAPD Certification is now available. Field agents will again have the choice to complete initial MAPD training online without the requirement of attending a face-to-face class. The course for call center agents is all online. Note: Agents who complete the 2018 initial certification course are allowed to sell plans with 2017 effective dates through 11/30/2017.

AHIP remains a requirement for certification and recertification

2018 AHIP is required for both 2018 certification and 2018 recertification. Agents typically take their AHIP through Humana after they have logged into training from our Humana site. If an agent goes directly to AHIP they must have their AHIP results sent to Humana before they can continue completing their certification or recertification.

IMPORTANT: We are not recommending or suggesting that agents should take AHIP as soon as it is available by going directly to the AHIP site. Agents going directly to AHIP will be shown the AHIP e-commerce site where they are required to pay AHIP for their AHIP training, and that rate will not be the Humana discounted rate. For agents who typically have the AHIP fee waived (career and certain non-career agents) they must go through the Humana site to have the AHIP fee covered upfront.

For those agents required to pay the AHIP registration fee, the 2018 charge is $125, if the training is accessed via the Humana MarketPoint University.

We’re making it easier for agents to complete certification training this year. Here’s how:

  • Certifications available earlier than ever before
  • Time Savings!!! – In in the spirit of Pioneering Simplicity:
    • External Field Certification has been reduced from 5 courses to 2
    • External Telesales Certification has been reduced from 5 courses to 1
    • HMO Online option make it even easier for agents who need to add HMO product to their certifications
    • Course reductions simplify the process for agents and decrease the time they need to spend navigating through the training
    • Streamlined our approach on a variety of topics, including enrollment tools
    • Improvements will decrease training time by an estimated 60 minutes while still delivering the world class training experience for which Humana is known
  • Improved market content delivery – Agents will now be able to review market content for any and all markets. This will be very helpful for agents who may sell across state borders or who may spend time selling in multiple states throughout the year
  • CarePlus – CarePlus training will now be given to ALL external telesales agents who certify! In addition, all field agents who select Florida as one of the states they sell in will receive CarePlus training as well.

AHIP training and testing

Humana is partnering with AHIP in providing training and testing. AHIP works closely with CMS in developing the material and they are highly regarded in the industry. The AHIP certification must be taken in order to represent MA or PDP products. Select the link for instructions on how to navigate the AHIP Medicare course.

JOB AID: How to Navigate the AHIP Medicare Course

The training has been designed to strengthen an agent’s knowledge and to better equip them to:

  • help potential members to understand the basics of the Medicare program plans and benefits
  • help potential members learn about the different types of Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans, eligibility, and how to get covered services
  • comply with marketing and enrollment requirements under the Medicare Advantage and Part D programs

The AHIP training and testing can be accessed through the Humana Vantage Agent Portal. There are 5 Medicare AHIP modules. Agents will be tested on all 5 modules. Agents will have 3 attempts to pass the AHIP test with a minimum passing score of 90%.

Upon successful completion of the final AHIP Medicare exam, the Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) course will “unlock” and become accessible or agents can attest that they completed FWA training on the Medicare Learning Network. Once agents have completed the required course work, the FWA exam will “unlock” for completion. Agents will have an hour to complete the 10-question exam, must score 90% to pass the exam, and have as many attempts as needed to do so. After the FWA section is successfully completed, the CMS General Compliance course will “unlock” and be accessible. There is a 10-question exam and 70% is the minimum passing score.

Successful completion of the AHIP, FWA and CMS General Compliance training and testing are required before a passing score can be transmitted to the Humana Certification course.

For assistance with transferring the AHIP score to Humana, select the link for instructions

JOB AID: Transferring AHIP Scores

AHIP fees and reimbursement

The discounted charge for the 2017 AHIP training is $125.00 per registration when accessed via the Humana Agent Portal. The general fee for the 2017 AHIP training is $175.00 per registration. Humana values your partnership and will reimburse your agents’ testing fees under the following circumstances:

  • Agent took the courses through the Humana Agent Portal, and
  • Agent has successfully enrolled ten (10) MA OR forty (40) PDP January 1, 2018 effective members – members must be accreted with CMS by March 3, 2018.

After completing the AHIP testing successfully, agents will have the option to purchase CE credits.

IMPORTANT: After printing the AHIP transcript certificate, agents need to “click” the “send my exam completion to Humana” button at the bottom of the transcript page. If agents have taken the AHIP testing through another carrier’s site, they can access the AHIP site again through the Humana Certification course and send the acceptable exam to Humana. After completing the AHIP portion of testing and sending the transcript to Humana, agents will continue on to complete the Humana portion of Certification.